I want to find 2 bloggers for 2 websites(Food & pet)

WL Published: November 14, 2016
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We have two websites that focus on Food and Pet.

We are looking for experienced bloggers who can create epic, detailed, in-depth article which provides a lot of information to our audience.

For example, here is our competitor's article:


This article has the step-by-step guide included the ingredients, equipment you need and the instructions. They also have some tips and some great recipes to use with brown rice.

We want to create a better version of this article. For example:

+X Things to consider before cooking brown rice

+A list of 5 - 20 ways to cook brown rice (using a saucepan, oven, rice cooker, microwave, crock pot, pressure cooker, etc.) included ingredients, equipment, etc.

+A list of 15+ recipes with brown rice included images, a brief description and with the reference to the recipe.


If you have the ability to do the deep research about any cooking topic to make the most detailed and valuable article to our audience about that topic, we need you!


+A high level of written English with fun, cheerful informal voice that is professionally written.

+The ability to engage a reader and capture their minds is a must.

+The ability to take exceptional photographs is a plus.

+The ability to find great images for the article (From stock photo sources, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.) is a big plus.

+ Revision articles if we need.

+Ready for 3 - 5 articles/weeks.

Apply Here:


Our approximate amount of pay rate is $0.02 - $0.04/word depending on your skills.


All payments will be fulfilled via PayPal after we receive, review and confirm the content is unique and meets pre outlined standards.


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