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Max Home Value Published: April 22, 2011
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We are looking for well written articles on Do-it-Yourself Home Repair, Remodeling, Renovation, or how to hire a contractor for those jobs. Articles should contain a picture or two.
We require unique content, however if you have good articles that you have previously published we would accept them if they are paraphrased enough to be unique. We also don't mind if you publish articles you write for us on other sites (again as long as the articles are paraphrased enough that we have unique content).

The schedule for new articles will be one a week. Depending on the replies we may hire more than one writer and schedule them in an alternating weekly fashion. Also, we will look at purchasing a collection of previously written articles if you have them. Let us know how many you have and where we can see at least a few of them.
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