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Help Write The World’s Best Dating Advice For Ambitious Women

Attract Great Guys Published: August 27, 2019
Chicago + Los Angeles
Work can be done remotely
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Do your girlfriends come to you asking for dating advice constantly?

Are you extremely interested in the psychology of successful dating, attraction, and relationships?

Can you articulate step-by-step lessons to help other women achieve their dating goals and attract a perfect man into their life?

If so, then you might just be perfect for this position.

We’re looking for an amazing writer who can help write both viral YouTube videos & in-depth online course content teaching women the best “systems” for meeting, attracting, and getting commitment from a high-quality man.

You’ll have the opportunity to reach literally tens of millions of women through our YouTube channel (one of the largest dating advice channels for women in the entire world).

Hi - I’m Jason Silver, co-founder of Attract Great Guys.

In less than two years, our YouTube channel has exploded to 180,000 subscribers and about 1 million views per month because we’re focused on the “no BS” truth about dating. And now, because we’re growing so much, we need the help of a great writer.

That’s where you come in.

We’re looking for someone who is passionate about our mission of helping 1,000,000 women find true love. If you’re right for this position, this mission is something you can TRULY get behind and take to heart.

You’ll be searching for the best new dating advice. You’ll be doing some research on scientific studies/data surrounding online and offline dating. And you’ll become an expert yourself (even more than you are now) at attraction, influence, and human psychology.We create two types of videos: 

  1. YouTube Videos which inspire and entertain our audience. (Think: Emotional, relatable stories, lessons, advice videos.)
  2. Paid educational video programs that teach social psychology related to dating and attraction. (Think: “A step-by-step 4 hour program on how to create the most attractive, irresistible online dating profile possible.”)

With that said, this will not be an “easy” position. On one hand, you will have to work hard, move fast, and get content out on time (as we have a fast-paced startup culture).

But on the other hand, you will grow personally and professionally faster than you ever have before. Because our culture is centered around growth.

A couple things to keep in mind:

  • You should be an avid YouTube viewer who realizes the power of social media and how it's changing the business world and culture at large.
  • You should treat your work as art. Meaning you only put out THE BEST 100% of the time, and you strive to create content that’s premium.
  • You should enjoy the fact that we have high standards for our work and set aggressive deadlines. (While the hours for this position are flexible, we’re looking for someone who is excited about what we do. And who loves to do meaningful work.)

Also, you must feel comfortable asking for forgiveness rather than permission. We want you to take initiative, and we do not want to micromanage you. I’m NOT looking for someone who is polite (at the cost of results), tells me what I want to hear, or takes things personally.

One last thing - the topic of our videos deals with evolutionary psychology and explores the messy reality of dating and attraction.

Some would call our advice “controversial.” (We don’t agree with that assessment, though.) And so, you must be okay with taking a counter-intuitive stance on generally accepted ideas...if they happen to be the most accurate (based on science).

We view attraction as a primal instinct which is amoral and if you have strong moral opinions on how women should date or interact with men, and are not willing to hear/discuss alternative viewpoints, then this job is not for you.


  • This is not a beginner’s position.  You must have at least 1 year of experience writing YouTube content, online courses, or something similar.
  • This is a part-time role, starting between 40-80 hours per month. If we work well together, this will lead to a full-time paid position.
  • This role is remote, so you can work anywhere in the United States as long as you can communicate via email, chat, and phone.

Examples of Possible Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Writing viral YouTube video scripts on dating, attraction, and relationships
  • Writing descriptions for old YouTube videos
  • Writing content emails that give advice and inspire our subscribers
  • Brainstorming new video ideas
  • Researching topics for content

If you are excited about hard work and creating cool things together, here’s just a few benefits you’ll receive by working with us:

  • Make a real difference in thousands (even millions) of women’s lives
  • Access to unique experiences (Special YouTuber events, traveling with the team)
  • Work with a FUN team that is passionate about being the BEST at what we do
  • Work directly with top online marketer with proven success growing businesses
  • Work directly with top dating coach and love industry expert
  • Work with other A-Players (we only hire the best and currently have a best selling author and ivy league psychologist on our Slack)

If I haven’t scared you away yet, please email your resume, a cover letter on why you’d be a good fit and a few examples of your work to [email protected]

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