We need your blog skills to help us change the diet industry!

131 Method Published: April 13, 2018
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Our blog is dedicated to authentic, honest, scientifically based, educational and motivational health and wellness content.

We are looking for an experienced blog writer with a passion for health and wellness, specifically in the field of Integrative & Functional Wellness with an understanding of Search Engine Optimization.

  1. Blog articles length will vary anywhere from 1000-4000 words and include provided topics and specific keywords to be used for SEO. Blogs are written for a public audience, must be scientifically accurate, with citation and avoid broad medical claims or cure all statements.
  2. The tone of our articles are authentic, funny, honest & direct. The personality is passionate and real with coloquial, frank, conversational and simple language and a purpose to educate, motivate, persuade and inspire.
  3. All blog posts should go in very great depth on the subject you’re writing about.
  4. Good structure and text formatting with Heading 1, 2, 3, 4 tags along with some bullet points and select bold text for emphasis is important to break up the text and keep it easy to digest.   
  5. Your research and suggestion of topics for articles is welcomed. All content must obviously be unique, include sources and references to scientific studies to back up claims.

If you are the right fit for this position please submit examples of your work, your resume, a link to your current personal blog or published articles and answer these questions.

  • What types of content do you typically create?
  • Describe the proper layout and format of a blog post.
  • What's your research methodology?
  • Describe the tones in which you're comfortable writing.
  • How do you optimize content for search engines?

Join our editorial team, and let’s take back the word “diet” together!


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