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Health geeks and Quantified Selfies wanted

Thriving Interactive Published: June 7, 2017
Work can be done remotely
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Are you a talented writer with a genuine interest in personal health? 

We are seeking writers for our online health and wellness blog focused on the quantified self of self direct healthcare through direct-to-consumer access to advanced blood tests, smart phone apps, online data tracking services, DNA testing, and wearable devices used to optimize personal health metrics and decisions.

Applicants must have strong experience writing medical and health content and must submit articles that require very little editing and are compelling to read. Each technical topic article will require cited sources and be written in a manner that will educate and entertain the reader.

Purpose of articles are to educate and motivate readers to start tracking blood chemistry, sleep patterns, diet, fitness improvements and more.  Our target readers are consumers seeking information, book reviews and product comparisons around self directed healthcare, direct to consumer lab diagnostics, wearable or monitoring devices, smart phone apps.  Ideas might include a review of iPhone connected ECG monitors, best glucose monitors, understand HUFA Health and how to test at home, calculate and track your HOMA-IR, best ketone monitors, calculate your body fat:  bioelectrical impedance scales vs. caliper.  As you can see, the quantified self health topics are endless. Be creative and join the conversation with us.

The ideal candidate will walk the talk; please only apply if health and fitness are important parts of your life.

•Please provide a full resume.

•Please provide 3 samples of previously published health/medical articles.

Requirements:  Previous medical / health  blogging or writing experience.

Come up with some of your own content ideas in addition to our assignments.

Produce well-researched content which covers topics comprehensively and engages our audience.  Be able to explain complex ideas or technical information in language the average person can understand

Our publication will publish up 1-2 articles per week

Article word count is closely monitored as we strive for relevant and informative article of 1,500-3,000 word count.

Pay is $0.15 per word with a minimum word count of 1,000.

Authors who are licensed medical practitioners (MDs) or certified candidates in medicine or health sciences are eligible for higher per word rates.

NOTE: As the writer proves their ability to write great content with little need for heavy editing, pay WILL go up.

To Apply:

In order to avoid duplicate content, applicant must submit article idea and outline for approval.

Use online submission form below to submit prospective article and resume for consideration.

Tips for applying online safely