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Health & Fitness Blog Published: July 3, 2016
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We’re looking for a writer to produce ~2,000-word articles for two large science-based health and fitness blogs.
The articles will focus mainly on health, diet, nutrition, exercise, weight loss, muscle gain, and supplementation.

Rates are negotiable but we’re a profitable business looking to pay someone well for top-flight material.

Here are the requirements:

- You must be a professional caliber writer with a high attention to detail. We are VERY picky and expect feature-quality work.

- You must be able to write in an engaging and conversational tone with personality and voice. If you have a good sense of humor too, that’s a big plus.

- You must be able to explain complex ideas simply (without being overly technical or overwhelming the reader with jargon--think Simple Wikipedia instead of Wikipedia).

- You must be into health and fitness yourself. Ideally, you’d have at least a few years of proper dieting and training under your belt. Many of our readers are experienced and educated health and fitness professionals and aficionados and can easily spot a fake.

- If you have a nutrition and/or exercise degree, that’s also a big plus. If you don’t, you must be versed in diet, nutrition, and exercise and in reading, understanding, and citing scientific research. Every article you write will need to reference scientific studies and will be vetted by experts.

- You must be dependable and able to work on reasonable deadlines.

- Your articles must be 100% original and pass Copyscape.

And here’s how this job will work:

- We provide you with the subject, title, SEO keywords we want to rank for, and research material.

- You put together an outline, which we work on with you until approved.

- You write the article, which we edit and post.

- Repeat.

We want to build both of our websites up to 5 to 7 articles per week (and have other websites in the hopper that may need content as well), so we’re looking to build a long-term relationship with several writers.

If you can do the job well, we’ll be able to keep you very busy.
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