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Grow Media Published: July 13, 2017
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Hi there!

The awesome team from Grow Media here, a quickly growing online network of tech websites!

We are looking for talented writers who want to be part of our team and make a nice revenue while doing what they like.

At the moment we are mainly interested in PC experts and pundits who can write how-to articles; journalists who love Windows and everything around it. We are also actively seeking tech writers with experience in crafting content similar to these articles :

Depending on how good you are, we might award you more articles to be done each day. We are looking for the following qualities in our perfect colleague:

> technical expertise and ability to write deep technology articles related to Windows PC, web apps, software and so on.

> perfect English or requires very little editing

knows how to use WordPress and masters basic SEO principles
> is always on time and has a flexible schedule
> excellent writing skills - good grammar and spelling, and an understanding of writing punchily and concisely for web audiences

We will be paying 7$ for 500 words for those who get on-board, this is the budget!

We will need your services on long term basis. Other big advantages which will set you ahead of others, provided you meet the above:

- basic or slightly advanced ability to edit images
- basic or slightly advanced ability to create videos of how-to’s, if needed
- can work during weekends and is available for special projects


Your past experience is going to be a huge bonus, but in order to assess your skills, we will require you to do a test article, which we will pay for, of course.

!!! If your level of English is poor, PLEASE DON'T APPLY!

!!! If you send generic/template emails, STOP as this will get you rejected from the start. Be creative, not repetitive!

Please send your applications to:

rtyrsina (@) gmail (.) com

nicovedgar ( @ ) gmail (.) com

Pay Out

We will be paying 7$ for 500 words for those who get on-board. As most of our articles are in the 1000 range or so, you can see that you might have a nice full-time job or a quite decent part-time gig. As you work more with us, we will definitely increase your pay.

However, we require you to be serious about what you’re doing and let’s not waste each others time if you are asking for a better pay! this is our current budget.

Looking forward to your reply and to welcome you in our team!

Tips for applying online safely

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