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Stone Temple Consulting, Inc. Published: December 29, 2010
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We help our clients guest author on reputable blogs. The articles need to be relevant to the target blog as well as our client’s web site. The articles need to be informative and accurate, and not contain any SEO influence or sales like language or positioning. The articles are on a variety of topics and vary from organization to sustainability to business strategy to health/fitness.
Requirements: Native English speaker. Experience writing blog posts and similar articles. They need to be original articles and require research to write. Authors found plagiarizing content will be immediately discharged.

Timeframe: must be completed within 24 – 36 hours. This timing is important. Occasionally a longer timeframe is allowed; however, a turnaround time of 1 - 2 days is important for our process. Articles should take one to two hours to write.

Word count: 500 – 700 words

Number of articles per week: It would be on an “as needed” basis but typically varies from one to possibly eight articles per week.

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