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Ghost speech writer for youtube/facebook 2- 4min inspirational viral video

Kyle Published: August 31, 2019
Work can be done remotely
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Okay guys, let's get cracking and I'm looking to work with a content/speech/ghost writer for the below objective:

Note: this is 2nd edit to this job description because a lot of people who applied didn't get what this job was for. So I'll try to make it specific below:


  • Write 2 - 4 minutes of monologue intended as an inspiration speech. (this monologue will be spoken by myself and uploaded in a video format to be shared on facebook/youtube/linkedin)
  • Try to center this monologue/speech around why the art of story telling is so powerful and use examples
  • Speeches can include inspirational ideas
  • If you can write monologues like Jay Shetty than YOU GOT THE JOB (if you don't know who he is, go Youtube him and see you can write like his style)

Who I'm after:

  • Someone who likes writing viral/pop kind-of-inspirational speeches or have original ideas/opinions that are unique and want to get paid for it
  • Must also provide keywords for SEO and also provide suggestive headlines i.e titles for the videos
  • Someone that is poetic in a way and the speeches need to have a rhythm to it. Must have a tag line.
  • Someone who is awesome with all the tools required for a great speech (metaphor, analogy, alliteration, allegory, hyperbole etc etc)
  • You need to have a lot of this knowledge in you because the speech has to pack full of references


  • Can be per word (I won't be paying 0.4 - 0.15 cents if you're trying to get me to pick you because you're cheaper than others) - I'm after the best of the best so I'm happy to pay more considering the speeches are probably between max 500 - 700 words
  • Can be per speech you write (but you need to be that damn good that I'll be paying this format) - as this obviously includes your research time
  • I'll can even put you on a retainer (but you need to be giving me consistent 'popping' speeches)

The normal stuff with this collab with me is:

  • Sign an NDA
  • Send me samples of some speech writing (don't send  me samples of your blog or article or something not what I'm after.)
  • If you don't have experience (that's fine but SEND me samples of what you can write or ideally something you will write for me. Don't just send me an email saying 'Oh. I don't have experience. But give me a try because I'm BLAH BLAH BLAH.' without any attachments
  • Don't send me a generic reply (I know you're a bot and you probably didn't read my ad properly.)

So again, let's get cracking!

For those creative writers out there, please send me your best samples. The scope of what you write is NOT going to be LIMITED. It's only limited by your level of imagination and creativity :) Hit me up now.





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