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HotGhostWriter Ltd. Published: June 15, 2019
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Are you looking to earn a consistent income writing high-quality novels in your favorite Romance subgenres and themes?

Then this could well be your next paid writing gig!


Job Overview

We are currently looking to expand our fiction team with amazing and experienced romance writers (based in the US or Canada) in all romance subgenres. We are a fast-paced, growing ghostwriting service that can provide you with consistent and exciting projects week after week! Regardless of your romance subgenre preferences, we may have a job for you.

If you are someone that takes pride in their work and is looking to earn a consistent income doing something you enjoy, working from the comfort of your home or office, and doing so alongside an excited and brilliant team, then you may just fit our criteria and land yourself an exciting new gig with us.


The Company

As a company, our brand is synonymous with the highest quality writing and great customer experience. Our online reviews are a testament to that. We are thrilled about this and continue to strive for more.

However, our focus is not just on our clients, but also on the team that makes it happen. We love our team and focus on creating an enjoyable working process and keeping their pipelines full with great projects, bringing them a steady income.

In return, our writers ensure that every client that walks through our virtual doors receives an outstanding experience and walks away happy with their product. As a collective, we are always looking to improve and this as allowed our company to grow.

We also focus on helping our writers grow- we do this via a number of development programs we run such as our book club, mastermind groups, editor feedback, writing discussions, and more. This ensures that every writer that passes through HotGhostWriter grows and takes their craft to a higher level. Keep reading if this resonates with you.


Pay Rate

Our current rate is $15 USD per 1,000 words. Our projects range from 20k up to 150k words.

Some of our busier writers are earning $2,000+ a month writing a few hours a day around their studies or other gigs. We offer consistent work without having to apply for jobs, work comes to you. Plus, you'll love the team and process!


Our Requirements

We are looking for romance writers with at least a good basic skill level and a good understanding of the conventions of the romance subgenre as a whole, and of your preferred romance themes. Here's what's required to be part of our team:

- You write amazing romance stories. With a lot of tension, suspense, great dialogue, and good character development and characterization.
- You are US/CAN based, or US/CAN citizen living outside the country.
- You can work with deadlines. We typically deliver 15k words in 1 week/ week and a half.
- You are knowledgeable in your preferred romance subgenres, themes/tropes. You understand the readers, you understand basic conventions that make a subgenre/theme/etc and you can write to market.
- You take pride in your writing and can consistently deliver high-quality novels. You focus on delivering what the reader and client want.
- You are looking for a long-term gig and are eager & available to start.
- You are available throughout the day to respond to team and client messages on our platform.
- You are reliable, well-spoken, open to constructive criticism and a good communicator.


Few things to consider before applying

Important: When applying you will be asked to select up to 3 of your best subgenres. Choose the subgenres you most enjoy and know most about (conventions, typical characters, etc). Please submit a sample for each subgenre you select. If you are successful, we will hire you for 1, 2 or all 3 of your chosen subgenres based on your ability to write and your understanding of each subgenre's conventions. We put a lot of emphasis on this as it's vital to understand what the reader wants.

We will also prioritize you that can commit for at least 3-6 months. This is because we love to establish long-term relationships with our team and also because our clients love to create a series of projects with the same writer. Once expectations are clear with a client, you can expect awesome projects to keep flowing your way. This requires a basic commitment of 3 months or so.

Also, you must be able to sit down and write in order to meet deadlines. Good planning should make this easier. Again, availability throughout the day to respond to messages on our platform is essential.

Finally, you must be okay with not getting official credit for your writing as this is a ghostwriting position.


How To Apply?

So if read what the position entails and you're excited to test your luck and apply? That's amazing and we look forward to getting your application. To apply, click the link below to complete our form where you will have to answer a number of questions and also provide your writing samples. If you're a little reluctant based on your professional experience, don't let that stop you. As long as you have some samples and you understand romance, we'd love to consider you.


Application Form

Please remember to provide at least 1 sample per subgenre you select (Choose no more than 3 subgenres). Each sample must be at least 1,000 words.

We do get numerous applications on a daily basis, so do bear with us and allow us at least 2 weeks to get to your application.


Best of luck!

Hotghostwriter Recruitment Department

P.S. Have any questions?

Contact us: [email protected]

(Please do not attempt to apply via email, you will be referred to the application form above)

Tips for applying online safely

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