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Inovayt Published: April 16, 2009
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Inovayt, a mortgage broking company, is looking for a blogger to write 6 articles of various lengths for a bi-monthly newsletter. Heading for each article is as follows• Melbourne’s housing market – sales, rentals, hotspots, etc (approx 500 words)
• The state of the Australian economy - cash rates, unemployment, etc (approx 200 words)
• Budgeting / ways to save money – tricks and tips for saving money in the current climate (200 words)
• General financial planning – select one of the following topics - superannuation, tax, insurance, stock portfolios, investments (200 words)
• What’s on in Melbourne – upcoming events i.e. comedy festival, art exhibitions, sporting carnivals, etc (200 words)
• Restaurant review – review of any restaurant in Melbourne (100 words)
People who will be reading the newsletter are people who own their own home, or own investment properties. Articles will need to be easy to read, be informative and based on fact. All articles need to be completed in order to receive payment of $150.