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Gardening Enthusiast Blogger Wanted $55.00 per 1500 word article

Cresco Published: June 4, 2021
Manor Lane, Peckleton, LE9 7RJ, United Kingdom
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How did you spend your days in lockdown? Did you binge watch every single Netflix series until your mind melted into the sofa or were you out in the fresh air planting flowers and making sure your lawn was greener than Karen’s next door?

If you’re lawn glows greener than a meadow or your garden glistens in an explosion of color, then you might just be our perfect writer!

We are looking for a long-term copywriter for our new brand, Cresco. We sell professional pedestrian spreaders, seeders and hand held tools and we are looking to offer customers expert technical knowledge of lawncare, winter maintenance and market garden growing.

Our writer will have an interest in gardening as a whole and be able to understand the finer biological details of how different vegetation grows. Half of the blogs will focus on lawncare and conveying the results of our in-house testing, the remaining writing will focus on market garden growing and salt spreading in the winter.

In your writing, you will need to convey our sales points while providing high quality information for lawn enthusiasts, growers, winter contractors and greenkeepers.

A scientific background is sought after as it will enable you to understand and convey the importance of certain chemicals in the lawncare industry.


How to apply - https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=vVur_VluOUe1fFAdol1ClaCUlFoPXRBDkv8SGjHAMBxUNDdTOE9ZT1NMODlIUExEVFNVMkdKRUJLQS4u


How we will work with you

We will provide weekly blog titles and keywords that need to be accounted for within the blog posts and we expect correct SEO principles such as relevant outbound links to be included in every blog.

Initially, we would be looking to receive just one 1500–2000-word blog per week.

At the start of each week on Monday, we will provide the topic and some resources for you to create a scintillating blog post by Friday. We will also detail the keywords which need linking to areas of our website or pages in other websites.

The ghostwriter is not expected to add any additional assets such as images. This will be covered in house.


Apply here - https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=vVur_VluOUe1fFAdol1ClaCUlFoPXRBDkv8SGjHAMBxUNDdTOE9ZT1NMODlIUExEVFNVMkdKRUJLQS4u



We will offer competitive prices per blog and pay you monthly. We are flexible in when we pay but we will be making payment via PayPal. Please apply via our google form, with your quote for continued 1500–2000-word articles.

Terms and Conditions

We are looking for a ghostwriter so you will not be credited on the site for your work. However, we are more than happy for you to portfolio you’re writing in your own website or in other job applications. There is no NDA.

Plagiarism: It goes without saying that we expect all content to be original. Every article will be run through a plagiarism software and any content we suspect of being copied from another source will result in termination of our agreement.

Native Speakers Only: This job will require native speakers of English.

Apply here - https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=vVur_VluOUe1fFAdol1ClaCUlFoPXRBDkv8SGjHAMBxUNDdTOE9ZT1NMODlIUExEVFNVMkdKRUJLQS4u


A bit about our products…

Our products are used for spreading high quality fertilizer to lawns, golf greens, football pitches and more to ensure the finest quality of grass.

Customers spend vast sums of money on fertilizer, but the actual equipment used to spread the fertilizer is often overlooked. The most important aspect of creating a luscious green lawn or playing field year after year is to evenly spread the right materials at the right time. The difficult is knowing what to spread, when to spread it and how to spread it effectively – this is what you will be teaching our customers!

To evenly distribute the right materials, you need a spread that can adjust for a variety of different sized granules. Our spreader range offers every customer the ability to adjust the spread pattern to suit whatever size fertilizer they are applying. This will result in an improved finish.

In addition to the lawn care and amenity industry, we also provide rock salt spreaders to the winter market. One of the key aspects of our brand is that our spreaders come with both a professional fertilizer application and a rock salt application. Instead of purchasing a spread specifically for winter and a spreader specifically for summer, we provide a unit that fulfills both requirements.

Lastly, we also have a single row seeder used by market gardens all over the world for planting fruit and vegetables. Writing weekly blogs on this topic will increase your knowledge of sustainable growing practices and increase your gardening expertise!

For more information, please go to www.crescospreaders.com

Apply here - https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=vVur_VluOUe1fFAdol1ClaCUlFoPXRBDkv8SGjHAMBxUNDdTOE9ZT1NMODlIUExEVFNVMkdKRUJLQS4u

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