Furniture and Architecture Addict Editor Wanted Published: February 9, 2017
Work can be done remotely
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Furniture and Architecture Addict Editor Wanted

We are looking for talented writers with an obsession for furniture and architecture to write for us on a daily basis.

In order to be considered on the team, you should know that we're looking for the following:

- Some experience in home topics like home design and decor, construction, restoration, renovation, home organization, as well as experience in writing about them
- A degree or certification in any home area (would be a plus)
- A college degree in journalism, English or communications (also a plus)

Your articles need to be informative (at least 300 words), so we want to know you can write in clear, concise style.We're not looking for overly technical stuff, but articles that are fun, articles that everyone can understand -- that's what makes them easily shareable.

Having a social presence (Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, G+) is and added bonus for your application.

Regarding payments, we will pay you bi-weekly or monthly, via Paypal.

The price per article is $5-$7 for architecture or interior ideas, or $10-$25 if we decide on more thorough articles, when writing listicles (25 ways to; Top 25 ..., etc).

Tips for applying online safely