Freelance Writer with In-depth Knowledge of Fruit Growing and Orchard Culture

TBK, Inc. Published: August 18, 2015
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TBK, Inc. is seeking a knowledgeable and talented freelance writer with in-depth knowledge of fruit growing and orchard culture. Seeking only writing professionals that write quality content, meet deadlines, and independently develop topics on an ongoing basis. Excellent opportunity for versatile creative writers with a particular passion for backyard orchard culture. If your writing and passion for teaching others how to successfully grow fruit meet our needs, we can provide a consistent stream of interesting assignments.
About TBK, Inc.:

TBK, Inc. was formed in 2003 by a family who have had a love of plants their entire lives. The plant interests peaked in childhood and was formed around growing 4 foot long water melons and grafting new flower varieties. Although, nothing compares to the improvements made by hybrid trees.

We as a company started by supplying high tech, cloned timber trees that could be grafted in half the time. Since 2003 we’ve grown and offer a huge variety of new and improved hybrid plants and trees.

Each year a ton of new plant varieties come emerge that are better fruiting, stronger, more resistant to insects and diseases, drought tolerant, and more colorful. We aim to spread the knowledge of these top trees to people outside of the nursery and landscape industries.
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