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Freelance writers for the guest post needs of our clients

SerpTrust Published: April 24, 2019
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Hello everyone,

We are looking for creative writers for the guest post needs of our clients.

If you've never written a guest post before I highly recommend you hop over to Google and search for 'guest post' to have a clear understanding of what it is we are looking for.

We run our own job board and there we mainly provide three things:

  1. The site we publish the guest post on.
  2. Our client website that you are supposed to link to.
  3. The link text (anchor text).

We don't provide a topic to write about because the above three things should provide enough of a clue to come up with a topic yourself.

If this already sounds too complicated this job isn't for you.

If you are already familiar with guest posts this should be a piece of cake, in that case some general guidelines:

  • The post needs to be at least 750 words.
  • The post should be written in 2nd person.
  • The post should be 100% informative.
  • The post should include a link to the client site of course.
  • The post should include 2 internal links.
  • The post should include 2 external links to authority sites.

If you don't know what internal or external links are I suggest you Google it.

The payout is $15/750 words and payouts happen on a weekly basis through Paypal.

Your first post will be your test post, if it's unreadable, contains numerous grammar mistakes and/or typos you will fail our test immediately and we will remove your account and you won't get paid for the article.

If your post is of decent quality, follows our guidelines we will approve it, use it, and pay you for it.

Where to find your first post to write?

On our very own job board, once you apply you have to fill out a small form with some personal details.

After we approve your account you will gain access to our job board and there you can pick a job and start writing.

I highly recommend you read this job advertisement again and make sure you are familiar with our needs before applying.



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