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Waremakers Published: December 28, 2015
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Are you a superb writer eager to write something a bit more substantial than run-of-the-mill content marketing copy?
Waremakers wishes to publish a lot of content in the future and we are now building a team of 3 or 4 freelance writers for the long term.

Waremakers is a platform for premier quality goods from independent producers around the world. As such, we are a business like all others and need revenue to pay our bills.

But we have unusually high ambitions for the content we produce. In effect, Waremakers is a media/marketplace hybrid and we aim to build our readership ― as well as our customer base ― through providing people with truly useful and/or engaging content.

The business is founded by a previous print magazine publisher, so quality content lies close to the heart of the business.

― The history of razors.
― How hides are turned into leather.
― A portrait of a Portuguese bag maker.
― The Sicilian Mafia and how local businesses are fighting it.
― Japanese dedication to perfection explained.

These are articles that have either already been written or are planned for the near future.

All have some sort of relation to what we do ― be that simply the overarching concept of \"quality\" ― but all content is produced with a journalistic mindset rather than from a sales perspective.

You are a native English speaker with true writing talent.

You know what a 'hook' is and how to construct compelling narrative. You hate cliches as much as we do and take great pride in your use of language.

As a fair number of our articles require some knowledge, you are also an efficient researcher who don't mind making an extra cup of coffee just to fuel your tenacious search for background knowledge and intriguing trivia.

Naturally, you'd never just copy something else you found on the web.

Are you interested in being part of our small freelance team?

If so, please send:

― 3 links to relevant articles you have previously written
― A few words about yourself
― A litte bit about how you would like to be paid for your services

E.g. how much would you charge for an article like this (including your research):

And how much for an article like this (including your research):

We very much look forward to hearing from you!

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