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Yoga Warrior Life Published: July 3, 2019
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I'm from Sydney, Australia and I'm the owner of, a blog around health and wellness that is dedicated to providing the best information and inspiration on how to benefit from living a healthier, more fulfilling and happier life through yoga.

Whether a beginner or advanced yogi, my aim is to have the right resources for all your needs. If someone is interested in pursuing this practice to improve their body flexibility, perfect their posture, lose weight, maintain a healthy diet, enhance their fitness levels, recover from an injury or disease, improve sleep; or boost their immunity and overall health.

At Yoga Warrior Life, my aim to support people to reach a deeper inner connection with body, mind, breath and spirit so that their needs and goals are met.

My overall aim is to provide an avenue for people of all ages to holistically learn about the different yoga styles and their benefits, eventually incorporate best recipes and conscious eating habits, best yoga retreats, so that they can connect this practice and healthy habits to improve their everyday lives.

I’m looking to bring on another potential writer for my website.

Best wishes,

Nat Laurence

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