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Freelance newsletter writer

Whoflex LLC Published: May 16, 2023
New York
Work can be done remotely
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Small Business


We are currently seeking a newsletter writer who specializes in the fields of self-help, inspiration, and mindset. The newsletter will be published weekly and is expected to contain 500 to 1000 words.

As the writer, your role will be to take the existing content and rewrite it in a warm, classic, and elegant tone that inspires and comforts our readers. We are looking for writing that is easy to read and engaging for all readers.

We will provide the complete contents for each newsletter, so your focus will be on rewriting and effectively communicating the overall message while adapting it to our desired tone and style.

This position offers a rate of 5 to 8 cents per word. If you're interested in this opportunity, please rewrite the sample letter below and send it along with your resume to [email protected]

Once we review your submission, we will contact you if your writing aligns with our needs. Thank you for considering this opportunity.

<Newsletter sample: Please rewrite this>

Almost no one has become successful without hardship. In fact, the most successful people are often those who have suffered more than others. So what’s different about them? The answer is their attitude toward difficulties.

Successful people faced with trouble say that “whatever can happen, will happen” and naturally accept their problems. These hardships can be considered as the difficult course to the top of a mountain. A former minister was one such person. He accepted his difficulties as part of life and searched for their cause within himself. He said,

“Very few lives consist of only good things happening. Isn’t life like a trip down a long road with good fortune in one hand and misfortune in the other? Whether what happens is good or bad, it all begins with me. My last wish is for the strength to endure my trials.”

Are you going through some hardship right now? If so, then reflect on whether or not you have hastily judged it as a misfortune. When something in a person’s life deviates from the picture they have in their mind, they tend to automatically see it as bad. The stereotype that “this is so unlucky” is deeply rooted within them. When I meet such people, I advise them, “Good fortune sometimes hides behind the mask of hardship. Something that appears to be a misfortune will be the beginning of good fortune at some point.”

If you think this way, despair and frustration will find no foothold in you. Your self-reproach or resentment of others will naturally disappear.

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