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Freelance B2B Social Media Strategist

The Blogsmith Published: May 31, 2023
Work can be done remotely
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Freelance B2B Social Media Strategist

The Blogsmith is hiring a social media strategist to help us grow our digital marketing agency. We specialize in SEO content and enjoy being a thought leader in the content industry. As our social media strategist, you’ll produce social content for The Blogsmith and Maddy Osman (French) across multiple channels (e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter).

Apply now to join an exciting new team and help us grow our agency.

You will be asked to complete a variety of tasks on a regular basis that includes:

  • Creating social copy for Facebook/LinkedIn and Twitter for The Blogsmith
  • Putting in the time to understand our brand and industry to properly showcase our expertise and skills
  • Generating Missinglettr campaigns to promote blog content on social media across several months
  • Submitting articles to QuuuPromote to help promote client blog content
  • Manage Pinterest presence via Tailwind (training provided)
  • Using our social channels to grow our audience and proactively interact with clients and prospects and help
  • Aggregating  content for The Blogsmith’s newsletter
  • Growing our audience, interacting with other companies

Prior experience with these tools is not required — we'll be providing training.

You can work whenever you want as long as you’re able to respond to team communications within 24 hours on Monday - Friday and can consistently meet deadlines without micromanaging.

Why The Social Media Content Creator Role Matters for The Blogsmith

The Blogsmith helps B2B technology companies connect with their target audience via online channels.

You’ll be helping us create relevant, high-quality social content that speaks thoughtfully to the needs and interests of client audiences. Understanding how to engage followers will strengthen brand image and loyalty over time.

The social content creator helps to find the balance between incorporating best practices (e.g., hashtags, tags, word count) while ultimately focusing on the needs of our audience. After all, it’s the human factor of our brand that will ultimately help us achieve conversion-related business goals.

Here’s the bottom line:

We don’t just want to create content for content’s sake — we speak to subjects with a unique stance so that we’re providing a tangible benefit (compared to similar content) for anyone who reads the work we produce.

We’re looking for someone who has a passion for social media marketing as a medium to connect with our community.

We’re in the business of content, and we want every piece of content we produce to meet our high standards. That includes social.

We want someone who understands the power of social media and wants to help us harness it to grow our audience and develop our business.

Technical Skill Requirements

  • Understanding social platform nuances across channels that include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest.
  • Demonstrated experience with the social content editorial process — prior agency experience preferred.
  • Experience writing for brand social channels with the ability to follow a voice and writing style guide. Conversion copywriting experience is a plus.
  • Understanding of social media outreach strategies and best practices, with an emphasis on authentic relationship-building with potential clients.
  • Ability to create engaging content that lands with audience.
  • Familiarity with using analytics tools like Facebook Insights and Google Analytics to track what’s working and what isn’t.
  • A strategic mindset and approach to social media marketing.
  • Experience with our industry and our clients’ industries (SaaS, Content Marketing, B2B) OR willingness to learn the ins and outs.

Soft Skill + Availability Requirements

  • Good communication skills: you’ll be working with fellow team members to accomplish tasks related to producing great content. We sometimes have tight internal and external deadlines, so timely responsiveness during the workweek is necessary to work on this team.
  • Problem-solving skills: When there’s an issue, Blogsmith teammates use their resources and each other to get it solved before it becomes a bigger issue.
  • Organization/planning skills: Successful creators on our team don’t wait until the day a project is due to get their questions answered or address issues. With how quickly social media moves, it helps to be equally as proactive as reactive.
  • Write “Hi Maddy” (in addition to any questions or comments you have) at the end of the application form so that I know you’re paying attention to detail.
  • A passion for writing and social media: In order to create great content, you have to take an interest in the process. Please do not apply unless you enjoy the process of writing, because it will show.
  • Ability to turn assignments in by stated deadlines: For best results, proactively block out time in your calendar to account for separate days of writing and potentially — editing. The social content creation process can involve many interconnected, dependent steps that have to happen on a deadline to capitalize on timely topics.

Who You Are

  • You are Ambitious: You’ll have the opportunity to grow social media accounts from nearly the beginning, with the goal of eventually owning our entire social media outreach strategy. You understand that social media is just one part of our larger marketing ecosystem — and as we grow, you grow.
  • You are Consistent: You find satisfaction in showing up every day to deliver the same high-quality content. You thrive with routines and processes that make it easy to focus on creating the best content you can.
  • You are Bold: You want to create content that sparks conversations. You believe in adding something new and meaningful to the cacophony of the online space, even if it means not everyone agrees all the time.
  • You are Purposeful: You understand that the best social media posts have a goal. Whether to build a relationship, help others find a solution, or get potential clients to view our website — you have a thoughtful strategy behind each post.

Benefits and Compensation

  • $20/hour for 10 hours/week with the potential for more.
    Work remote with periodic in-person meetings if you live near the metro Denver area.
  • Work whenever you want while meeting weekday deadlines for planned assignments.
  • Payout via Gusto so you don’t have to pay any processing fees or Wise to minimize foreign transaction fees.

Fill out this form to apply as a Social Content Creator at The Blogsmith: https://b2bsocialcopy.paperform.co/
If there’s a fit for the role, we’ll reach out with a paid test offer.

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