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Fragrance Perfume Review and Story Writers

Fragrances / Narrative.org Published: August 30, 2019
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I am the owner of the Fragrance category (called Niches) on Narrative.org  I do not own the whole website, just this category.

I'm looking for writers who are interesting in blogging about perfumes and fragrances for my niche: Fragrances

Here's the Guidelines


Narrative is a content platform, like Medium, except you earn Rewards on your articles which can be converted to USD or your preferred fiat currency.

You could earn just enough to cash out for a cup of coffee, or enough to buy a nice bottle of perfume.  It depends on how well you write for the worldwide audience (US, Africa, India, Asia, Australia, Europe, Indonesia, Middle East) - an ideal demographic for fragrance writing, your activity, and more.

All articles are in English only.

Rewards are based on upvotes that you receive, comments, and your activity on the platform, plus your Reputation, which increases over time with good quality articles and conduct on the site.

There is an optional Certification process on the site, which gives your Reputation a 30% boost if you go through with it.  It costs $15, because it is managed by a 3rd party that deals with identity proof.

You don't have to do this, but if you do not, your reputation will never be above 70% (100% being the maximum), and as well you will be restricted from 18+ content on the site.  Even though it is optional, in a way, it is almost necessary in order to gain a very high reputation, which directly impacts your earnings.

Unlike Medium, this is a community and you will have success if you also write about other interests, i.e. travel, pets, science, fashion, automotive, etc. and are active with commenting and voting on other's articles.

The Rewards are split among the community members and all writers receive 60% of the pool, based on a formula of their reputation and activity.  As a niche owner (me) I receive 10%, and so I am motivated to recruit writers - like you - to write for my niche.

Here are more details on the Rewards system


THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO GUARANTEE OF REWARDS, PAYMENTS, OR SUCCESS.  The Rewards are distributed in a cryptocurrency token, which can be exchanged on a crypto exchange.

Cryptocurrency's value is volatile, and technical, and it's not necessary to understand it, but it is a little complicated to get a wallet set up to some people, which you would need to do at the once/month redemption period.

SOME COUNTRIES MAKE ACCESS TO CRYPTOCURRENCY Difficult.  Currently the NRVE token, which the platform issues, is on two exchanges, Bilaxy.com, and switcheo.network You should check it to see if your country is supported there.

YOU ARE NOT PAID BY ME.  You're paid by the Rewards system built into the platform, once a month by the Member Pool.  Hope that makes sense.

If you're not interested in writing about Fragrances, but join Narrative, please still say hi.  My handle is @antimetica

Thanks so much and good luck with your writing endeavors.


Visit https://www.narrative.org/ if you are interested in learning more.  This is a free blogging platform and costs only your time to try it out.

Thank you for considering joining our community and writing for my Fragrances niche.

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