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Food Writer – Vegetarianism

Moe Muise Published: February 4, 2022
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Food Blogger - Vegetarianism

I am looking for a food writer who is a vegetarian and, ideally, has experience writing about how to become vegetarian. Experience using blenders to make vegetarian dishes, specifically a Vitamix blender, would definitely be an asset.

I’m an online entrepreneur with 10 years’ experience running my own portfolio of niche websites. My wife is a foodie who is passionate about vegetarianism and helping people transition from eating meat to becoming vegetarian. We recently started a website that is focused on becoming vegetarian. Specifically, the site will focus on three areas:

1) How people can transition to vegetarianism. Subtopics will include:

- Why become vegetarian?
- How to become vegetarian (e.g. how to start; how long does it take; what to expect; etc)
- Guides for meat-eaters (e.g. best vegetarian meals for meat-eaters; etc.)
- Vegetarianism for weight loss

2) Vitamix info and how-tos. Articles will comprise an A-Z guide to Vitamix blenders, including what a Vitamix is, pros and cons of Vitamix versus other popular blenders, where to buy one, which model to buy (for various needs), popular accessories, etc.

3) Vegetarian recipes that can be made using a Vitamix blender. (Note: my wife will be handling this content. She has owned a Vitamix since 2009, and has used it every day since to make every conceivable recipe, from smoothies to sauces to Indian food.)

You will be working with myself and my wife (I will assign you the articles; she will review and vet article drafts).

Skills/experience I’m looking for:

- Written English at the level of a native speaker (ideally American English). I prefer a casual, friendly style rather than a formal style.
- Excellent web research skills
- Vegetarian
- Ability to write a minimum of 5,000 words per week (preferably more)
- Good to have, but not necessary: experience using blenders for vegetarian meal prep

Note: I expect each article that you write to contain links to evidence/sources of proof within the article (not just a list of sources at the end of the article). Related to this, I am looking for a writer who is research-oriented.

What I am offering:

- Guaranteed minimum of 5,000 words per week (more, if you’re available). I will need dozens of articles written over the next few months, and 100+ articles longer-term.
- Weekly payment, via PayPal
- Pay of USD 5 cents per word (negotiable for writers will extensive experience)
- An author profile on our site (if you’d like)
- Flexible work schedule. I will assign you instructions for a batch of articles once a week, and you will have the following week to complete the batch of articles. When you do the work is up to you, as long as you submit your batch within seven days

I can share the URL of our website with interested applicants. Note: we’re planning to build a “brand” out of this site, so this may be an opportunity for you to get exposure (if you’re interested in that).

When applying for this job, please submit the following:

- Brief background on your writing experience
- Why you’re interested in this job
- Samples of your vegetarianism-related writing (ideally, I would like to see work that is published online under your byline)
- Link to your online bio/blog


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