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Fitness Ghostwriter Needed To Make Fitness A Family Lifestyle

Triple Jump Fitnesss Published: January 18, 2017
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Hello Problogger fitness writers,

I am looking for a ghost writer to write articles for my fitness site.

Understand that this is a ghost writing position, so you will not be credited with the work.

Please review our Facebook, Instagram, website & blogs to get a sense if you can write our message...teaching the importance of healthy lifestyle for the whole family.

We are looking for an individual that understands busy families. The importance of a healthy family lifestyles...balancing kids, work, fitness, sports/entertainment, and healthy eating.

Interested in 1-2 blogs a week with pictures. Start out 3 months on a trial bases at $100/month. Increase after the trial period up to $200/mo.


Main requirements:

- Live a healthy, active lifestyle yourself.

- Understand the science behind fitness and be able to cite relevant research papers as needed. For example, if you state that you need 4000 IUs of Vitamin D per day to be healthy, then you better back that up with a real, relevant scientific studies.

- Understand the meaning of terms like "macros" and "hypertrophy."

- Understand human anatomy and biomechanics of weight lifting.

- Closely follow the fitness industry and the trends around it.

- Must have experience writing, (minimum 250 words) content.

Must be native english speaker.

If you don't and don't closely follow the fitness industry yourself and fitness isn't your passion, then please don't apply.

Basically I'm asking you to not sound like a 67 year old white college professor who wears a fanny pack.

To give you an idea of what the site is about:

- We are not focused on hardcore bodybuilders, powerlifters, crossfitters, or fitness models.
- We are focused on helping families, individuals with sport goals & average man or woman get in the best shape of their lives and actually making fitness "simple" again.
- We focus on distilling complex fitness subjects into something that the average joe can understand.
- We focus on combing the best of science and real-world practicality to help people get the best possible results.
- From a workout perspective, we focus a lot on minimalist weight lifting and not living in the gym 2 hours per day.
- From a diet perspective, we follow a lot of the guidelines whole food mealplans.


Looking to hire immediately for consistent work.

When applying, please answer the following questions:


  1. What fitness sites/people do you regularly follow?
  2. How would you describe your approach to fitness and getting in shape?
  3. Can you show some examples of your writing?
  4. What topics are you the most knowledgeable in writing about?


Tips for applying online safely

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