Final Cut Pro / Adobe Premier / After Effects Blogger – Long Term Engagement ($40 per post)

AudioMicro Published: December 6, 2012
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We are looking to hire a part time writer / editor for our blog at

This is a paid opportunity and hopefully a long term engagement that lasts indefinitely. We pay $40 per post and can discuss other compensation as the role increases. At first, we would like you to post 1 to 2 times per week. There will be a 4 week trial period to determine if things are working out or not.

We'll provide some guidance on the general types of post topics for you so you have some direction (i.e. we have a list of topics to provide as inspiration), though you're totally free to create your own topics that you feel would be of interest.

We have one writer that's presently posting about Adobe Premier and the person who takes on this position would ideally be supplementing / overseeing the entire blog and writing original content about Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Adobe Premier, Affect Effects, Sony Vegas, and Windows Movie Maker as their main topics as well as any other non-linear editing (i.e. video editing) software that's of interest would certainly be fine as well.

For examples of the types of posts we need, see here

and here

This position would also act as a bit of a social media / community manager and we be responsible for tweeting, Facebook fan page-ing, and Google Plus-ing out all posts and ensuring that all posts have proper SEO title tags, descriptions and WordPress categories and keywords.

We utilize WordPress as our blogging CMS. The writer could also help suggest plugins and improve the functionality of our blog (e.g. we need an image preview plugin and just need to hunt down a good one) so a somewhat solid foundation in WordPress is a plus, though not necessarily a requirement.

Qualifications = experience with one or more non-linear editing (NLE) programs including Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Adobe Premier, Affect Effects, Sony Vegas, and Windows Movie Maker as well as a desire to make NLE tutorials via blog posts and even, if desired (not mandatory) YouTube videos.

We look forward to hearing back from you.
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