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Fiction ghost writer needed for an Urban adventure fantasy

Medi8 Fiction Published: July 20, 2019
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Who is the client behind this ad:

Me. No one else. I'm a soloist who has a grand idea. I'm not a fiction/publishing company looking to churn out hundreds of ghost written novels every year nor am I going to woo you with reverse psychology rhetoric questions i.e. Are you looking (fill in the blank) and earn (fill in the blank) writing... you get the idea.

I'm simply a dude with a small budget and a grand action adventure fantasy idea I like to bring to life.

I've only posted this job here at problogger and no where else (i.e. not reddit/freelancer/upwork etc). I trust the quality of applicants here and I utmost respect your time.

My agenda for this novel:

  • Recreation! For Fun!
  • Commercial but I understand 98% of such fiction don't make it (But I'm hopeful :))
  • I have an ultimate moral/life lesson to share (Yes. I've watched Simon Sinek's Ted Talk - Power of Why almost a million times! My Why is ON FIRE HERE)

What I need:

I've tried my hands at writing out this fiction fantasy myself but due to work constraints, family and a day limited to 24 hours - I wish a 'day' could have more hours!! - I'm extremely time poor.

I need a reliable and experienced ghost with:

  • Urban fantasy experience
  • Has written to young adult audience (think of Harry Potter to Twilight)
  • Writes third person POV well
  • Can write that SHOWS rather than TELL
  • Can write that stirs EMOTIONS
  • Knowledgeable in Buddhism/Eastern esoteric knowledge/High concept of Meditation/Reincarnation/Karma
  • Outrageously creative and thinks outside the box and further into the 4th dimension of creative hyperbole
  • Sign exclusive NDA (in case this novel might 'pop' but I know 98% don't - but I'm an optimist but I'm also a realist)
  • Can bounce ideas off me and suggest scenes
  • Must be able to Skype or whatever online talk
  • Able to do research/brainstorm character arcs/brainstorm act structures/story beats (You must know your shit about story arcs - I've read almost everything under the sun about fiction writing/screen writing/structure)
  • Simply be patient and flexible with me BUT I'm not a 'scope creep' - once the story beats are mapped out - it will stay that way UNLESS we both mutually agree a change of direction is required to revive the story
  • You've watched Avatar - The Last Airbender and you love it to bits (the cartoon not M. Night Shyamalan's rubbish and failed adaptation)
  • You are keen to explore fiction/adventure involving karma/reincarnation/eastern meditation powers + lessons of redemption/theme of love/friendship (I'll tell you more after I've short listed you) ;)

Lastly you must like:

  • The Kite runner
  • Life of Pi

I like detail but obviously not to that level as I'm on a small budget (But I don't want any writing like Jodi Picoult! Don't mean to offend any Picoult fans out there - but no)

My requirements:

Just common sense stuff:

  • You got past work (I know you're got NDAs but show me some samples of work you can release and show me)
  • Not looking for ghost writing agencies or groups. I'm looking for indie writers. Or someone who does it for a living or breaking out.
  • Someone who has TIME vs my lack of time. Don't want to work with someone who lacks time. Too much friction. I won't yield to your time limitation.
  • Experience wise - Don't BS me. I don't expect you to be perfect. I just need someone who can help me write a first draft FOLLOWING my guidelines and directions but knowledgeable about story beats/character arcs/POV (I'll know very quickly if you write 3rd POV of the protagonist and then the POV changes suddenly - these type of NOOB error will end our arrangement) - if you're a noob, be honest about it and I'll work with you
  • You write excellent English. Great command of words. (Anything but this is a NO NO. It's like the blind leading the blind here and I've definitely someone who speaks English as a second language so NO please if you are like this unless you can really wow me with your material.)
  • Looking for someone with a easy going personality
  • Don't take this project if you feel flaky about it. I need 3 to 6 months commitment or even more.
  • I'm very demanding if your work is subpar especially if I've set out objectives in the scene or certain beats to achieve in story and it sounds wish washy or un-researched.


  • I got a small budget but I'm thinking of writing a series. Will pay you accordingly and definitely keep using you if the first draft is LIT.
  • If I get published. I'll further remunerate you with a bonus. But sorry, no royalties or credits so you hopefully you can let this baby go if you're getting too involved with it. NDA will cover this off.
  • Open to retainer but you must offer me an overview or milestone of what to expect.

When would I like to start:

  • To be honest ASAP. But story arc and characters still need to be fleshed out. Will pay for your time with these type of consultations and then further pay for your words.


  • I've got all the researched material I can scan you.
  • I got a few scenes I've written so you can see my voice.
  • Will only give this all out if I've short listed you.

For those who've read thus far and reached this final blurb:

  • Please email me at [email protected] - John
  • I won't read generic CVs. So write a cover letter. It shows you're keen.
  • I'm expecting many inquiries - If I don't respond - sorry it's either you didn't write me a personal email and copy and pasted a generic response or I've found someone (I'm only looking for ONE - sorry!)
  • I don't care if you have a website or linkedin or whatever. Just send me your work. It needs to resonate with me.
  • At the end, this is me. I'm long winded and I will be like this when you work with me. I can be dry and blunt/pushy and creatively whacky. (But if this turns you off - GOOD - we won't work well together any ways)

Thank you!

P.s. Seriously thank you for reading thus far!

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