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Expert Writer for Short Summary of Plant-Based Nutrition Book (25+ cents / word for those with proven domain-expertise)

Plant-Based Company Published: November 26, 2020
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We are looking for a detail-oriented expert level writer who has proven experience in combining 1) benefits-focused direct response marketing copywriting, with 2) nutrition and science-focused writing.

The Deliverable

A 5-10 page “ghost-written” summary (letter-sized, double-spaced) of a best-selling book on plant-based nutrition and its role in the microbiome. The book has approximately 195 pages of content relevant to the summary (the rest of the book is just recipes and citations, etc.)

The summary will be used in an e-book to be offered as a downloadable “lead-magnet” or bonus for our audience.

Measure of Success

The project will be deemed a success if the e-book summary is written concisely, compellingly, and memorably presents only the most beneficial and actionable information from the book, explaining the “why” and “how” behind the most useful parts.  The reader must be left feeling that they are getting real value in exchange for their time reading.  The writing should be compelling and memorable, such that people would find the e-book valuable enough to share with friends and family.

The Structure of the Summary

We have already written a draft version of the landing page where our audience can opt-in to download the e-book/summary.  We have a high level list of 6 main bullet point benefits related to what the reader will learn/get from the e-book. This bulleted list has also been expanded into a rough table of contents which we will provide, and will serve as the base outline and structure to be used for the book summary.  

Thus, the direction of the content and how to market it is already clear, and we need your writing skills to complete the rest of the puzzle by finishing out the summary, with text that is compelling and memorable.

More about the summary’s structure:

  • The summary’s first parts should cover the “why” behind the information (“where there’s a why, there’s a way”), communicating the most compelling/unique science and reasoning of the book, to motivate a reader to use its advice.  In terms of form/presentation, feel free to use a lot of bullet points — ease of readability and remembering are paramount.
  • The summary’s later parts should cover the “how,” condensing and presenting the key actionable info and tips someone would need to do, to get the benefits from the book’s advice.  Similar to part 1 regarding form, readability and memorability are paramount.

Additional Creative Contribution

If you are visually inclined, a bonus/optional part of this project is your ideas on how to present the key information in the book clearly via infographics, to help the reader better understand and remember the summary. Rough notes/sketches suffice here.

Pay Rate

We are ready to pay 25+ cents per word for high quality writers, having proven domain expertise in the area/field of plant-based nutrition, and who can — above all — grab and hold a reader’s interest in conveying life-changing advice, in a memorable way.

Test Project

Our first project working together will be a trial. It will still be paid, but this lets us know if it will be a good fit.  We would like you to create Part I of the summary, which would be roughly up to 500 words. If we are happy with the quality we will continue working together to finish the project.

Additionally, we intend to create many such book summaries, have other related projects lined up, and are looking for someone ideally that will work with us long term, where you’d be given 1 to 2 such projects per month.

How to Apply

We are looking to work with someone on a per word rate.  Please submit writing samples (preferably published posts) along with your rates per word or flat-fee by word-length. If you do not include published samples and your rates, you will not be considered.  Thank you.

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