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GreyCampus Inc. Published: May 7, 2018
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Are you a working professional or have a great interest in - Project Management, Data Science, Quality Management or Cybersecurity domains?

Also, do you enjoy writing or sharing your experience & knowledge?

If yes, please continue reading.

GreyCampus is looking for writers who have experience or who are interested in the above-specified domains. Specifically, we are looking for content writers who have experience in writing blog articles/white papers. You will need to do this on a monthly basis. (1-2 posts per month- can be negotiated)

Writing Requirement:

  • It goes without saying that we need a great writer with full competency in English.
  • On plagiarism: don't do it. No copy/pasting and changing words, we need truly unique content from start to finish.
  • The style of writing should be informative and easy to read; it needs to be aligned between Grade 6 to Grade 8 on the Hemmingway App.
  • The content should be engaging and informative, and the writing style should be conversational; it cannot be too technical.

Writing style we are looking for:

The posts should be focused on "how to", "tips", "interview questions", "differences/versus" or "tutorials based" that would interest a Project Manager.

You are free to suggest the topics on which you wish to work. The Editorial Board will review and revert to whether you can go ahead or not.

So, finally we are looking for a writer:

  • Fully competent in English (Grammatically correct)
  • Write in a tone that's engaging and easy to follow (no dry robotic writing)
  • Able to meet deadlines
  • Able to research topics and engage with stats and figures
  • Who is able to give a commitment to writing at least 2 articles per month.

Other Details:

The payment can be on a standard pricing or per word basis, we are flexible on this. The article length per post can vary between 2000-3000 words; to get started you can send us a test article or share links to your previous work. If it works at both ends, we can discuss the work-flow and the number of posts that can go live per month.

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