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Experienced Welding Writers Wanted (Long-Term & Consistent Work)

HealthyHandyman Published: January 7, 2021
Work can be done remotely
Job Type
Company Type
Mid-sized Business


  • Do you have expert-level (or advanced) knowledge and experience in all aspects of welding?
  • Are you looking for an opportunity to share this knowledge and help people make sound decisions about welding products, methods, techniques, tips, and tricks?
  • Can you write?

If you’re still reading, we should talk.

Who We Are

We’re a mid-size digital media company with an established foothold in the home improvement, power tool, and industrial trades. Our welding site needs a steady stream of fresh content, preferably written by a welder or someone with intimate knowledge of the trade.

Who We’re Looking For

Although you should have top-notch writing skills, we’re more concerned with your authority and experience. We want writers who know welding, inside and out. This is not a gig for home improvement generalists who maybe took a welding class in vocational school.

If you love welding and writing about welding, this is your opportunity to shine!

Writing for Us

Here are some frequently asked questions about working with us.

How much do we pay?

Our rates are competitive and we recognize the value of an expert. When filling out the application form, you’ll be asked to quote us your going rate. We can negotiate from there if necessary.

Who comes up with the article ideas?

We generate all articles from keyword research. All you have to do is write them. No SEO required. But if you are always welcome to pitch us your ideas for contemporary and informative content.

How often is work assigned and when is it due?

You will receive a new assignment every Saturday. It will be due the following Saturday.

How much writing is involved, i.e., what are the word counts?

We can assign as much work as you can handle; however, the workload is up to you. Some of our writers are producing upwards of 20,000 words per week or more. We prefer writers who can produce no less than 5,000 words per week. This is also negotiable, depending upon your credentials.

What kind of articles will I be writing?

You can expect a range of informational posts and some product reviews. We love things like “How to Use a TIG Welder” and “X Ways to Reduce Splatter”. But these are simply general examples. You’ll be covering everything from DIY projects to underwater welding schools and techniques.

How do I get paid?

PayPal is the default method of payment but we prefer (and recommend) TransferWise. You’ll be paid roughly 72 hours from the time you submit the work.

Are there any opportunities to write in a different or related niche?

Yes! Absolutely. If you know welding, there’s a good chance you’re familiar with power tools, and possibly, some home improvement topics. We cover everything from chainsaws to air compressors to toilets and pool supplies. Many of our writers have crossed over into another niche. If you can write, we have tons of work for you!

Applying for the Position

Please fill out the application form. If we think you’re a good match for us, we’ll be in touch. From there, we'll arrange a brief interview via Skype, Zoom, or email. We may ask you to complete a paid trial article, depending on your portfolio. If you're a superstar, we may ask you to start right away!

At the end of the form, you’ll be asked a question: Is there anything else about the job posting you might want to add here?

Please answer the following question:

Which planet in our solar system is closest to the sun?

Thank you! We look forward to hearing from you.

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