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GloHoliday Published: July 27, 2016
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I need an imaginative, creative travel blogger with their own unique style, wit and inspirational attitude to write for my travel web site. My new writer should enjoy blogging and writing about:
1. Trending travel and related topics
2. Travel humor and offbeat topics
3. City guides, restaurants, one of a kind activities and original travel ideas
4. Travel apparel, gadgets, apps and tech

Other Skills

Understanding search and social media trends. While writing for the user, also appreciating traction and the need to draw repeat audience, social sharing and high search traffic

Ability to post direct to WordPress, adhere to editorial, set images, yoast etc.

I am above all looking for someone who wants to 'belong' to a site, build it's audience, encourage community who is passionate about their niche. This is not a job for a corporate type with many other clients, the opposite in fact as my site is independently owned with limited resources. It is far better if you have your own style and flair that readers can react to.

My new writer will also have an author bio and be encouraged to build their identity. I need a minimum of two articles per week but there is no particular limit either.

Knowledge of travel and real passion for the subject is essential.
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