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Travel Planning Company Published: January 29, 2016
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Are you an established blogger whose followers turn to find the coolest speakeasy, latest art installation, or most authentic curry joint? Are you a connoisseur of local food trucks? A cool mom on the go? Does your nose for shopping deals only rival your appetite for the best underground concerts?
We are currently recruiting bloggers (or “insiders” as you’ll affectionately be called) to curate compelling experiences and create agendas for our clients.

While it doesn’t matter to us what your insider passions are, we do have some qualifications that are very important to us:

• You must be an established blogger, with at least 2 years experience;

• Social media savvy is preferred;

• You must be living in, or have expert knowledge of, a major city which is a popular travel destination;

• You must have a unique passion to share your experiences with others;

• You must have an unrivaled enthusiasm for your city and are constantly seeking your next thrill (be it food, libation, culture or activity);

• You must be able to independently research food, culture, and activities. These are not necessarily the most popular places on Yelp - these are the best places that insiders love to frequent;

• You must be able to communicate and effectively translate our clients’ needs into a compelling product;

• You must be able to write content based on first-hand experience with a defined tone of voice;

• You are obsessive about attention to detail; and

• You are able to meet regular deadlines, sometimes with a quick turnaround, while working independently.

If you think you have what it takes to be an insider, please tell us why and send a link to your blog and any social accounts you'd like to share. We'd love to get to know you.
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