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FARM DOG PRODUCTIONS Published: July 31, 2016
Los Angeles / Nashville
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We need an imaginative, creative entertainment and marketing blogger with their own unique style, wit and inspirational attitude. We are looking for that renaissance writer that can translate what being a content creator in this new world environment means.
Sample topics to cover:

1. Trending film, television, and online entertainment
2. Tranding marketing and promotional interests. I.E. Youtube stars, innovative ways to get someones content online and viewable to large audiences, etc..
3. Ground breaking entertainment news (film incentives, studios, broadway plays)... a real cornucopia of everything entertainment!
4. Gadgets, apps and tech... think Red Camera's, New editorial software, online digital platforms that provide streaming...

Please have the ability to post direct to WordPress, adhere to editorial, set images, toast etc.

The new writer will have a bio and write up about them on the page. We want to encourage implementation into the Farm Dog brand while gaining the writer as much exposure as possible.

Pay is set at $40/per posting with a minimum of 4 posts a week. For any jobs that are larger then the \"standard\" blog post then payment will be set at $20/hr.
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