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Technical writer who’s an expert in email (100K/year, still available)

GMass, Inc. Published: November 21, 2021
Work can be done remotely
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Dec 3, 2021: This position is still available, so if you're the right fit, I want to hear from you!


I have a tall order, because the number of candidates who can do what I'm looking for will be few and far between. However, this is also a $100,000/yr+ (USD) job. I'm looking for a technical writer who is an expert in email, email marketing, and Gmail.

My name's Ajay, and I'm the creator of GMass, an email outreach platform. I'd love a full-time writer for my website and blog.

The focus of the blog is Gmail, cold email outreach, and email marketing, since the product behind the blog, GMass, is an email marketing Chrome extension.

If you look at the blog now, you'll notice a mix of technical and educational content. So far, almost every article has been written by me. I want to scale my content development by hiring a full-time writer that can produce content regularly (daily) on a variety of email-related topics. Once you're in your groove, you should be able to produce one long form article per day for the site.

This is not a typical content writing job where you're expected to know how to trick Google with various SEO techniques. Now if you happen to also understand SEO, Google Analytics, and know how to do keyword research, that's great, but it's not a core requirement. Ranking on Google is great, but it's not the ultimate goal. The focus here is writing quality content that teaches our readers something interesting or shows off a feature of the product they can't get elsewhere.

You should be an expert at email marketing, because a lot of the articles you'll write will teach some technical function of email marketing to our readers.

For example, could you write an article explaining how open tracking works with little direction from me? Related to that, could you also explain how pixel blockers work? If I asked you to document how a file attachment is transmitted in an email message, could you write it?

In addition to writing technical content about email, there's also a softer side to this role. Can you write a landing page for teachers explaining how teachers can use GMass to communicate with their students?

If we launch a new feature and I want you to write an article describing how to use it, can you do that in a couple days rather than a couple weeks? I hope so, because that's the speed at which we all work here at GMass.

To summarize, for this role you should:

  • Have a solid technical understanding of email marketing and email outreach concepts
  • Be technically inclined in general
  • Have strong writing skills (obviously)
  • Have a knack for explaining things
  • Be a fast learner.
  • Be a fast writer.

If you have the fundamentals down, then you can learn anything else you need on the job. For example, to produce a really good article, you'll also need to produce really good screenshots, but if you're technical enough to know what a GIF vs JPG is and know what "cropping" means, we can teach you the rest.

Does this sound like something you can do? Are you also funny? Contact me!

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