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Prodigy Game Published: September 18, 2018
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Imagine your favourite video game as a kid. Now imagine that game with the math curriculum built into it. That’s Prodigy — the free, adaptive math game loved by more than 30 million students and teachers around the world.

In the last 7 years, Prodigy has gone from 3,000 local users to over 30 million worldwide — and is currently the fastest growing educational startup in North America!

The Prodigy blog is growing rapidly too, having recently surpassed a monthly readership of 200,000 users. We're looking for bloggers and/or content writers to contribute to our growing collection of high-quality posts centred around teaching strategies, tips, tactics, and math education for Grades 1-8.

As a contributor to the Prodigy blog, you must possess:

  • Proficiency in SEO. You know how to get stuff on the front page of Google. You’ve got a comprehensive SEO process and checklist, and have a tight grasp of fundamental on- and off- page SEO tactics. Every Prodigy blog post is expected to reach the front page of Google for its focus keyword -- and that doesn’t scare you, it excites you!
  • Top-notch writing chops. OK, this is a no-brainer -- but to write for one of the fastest-growing education blogs in the world, you’ve got to have some killer writing skills. You’re a purveyor of clean and personable prose, a creator of great headlines, and an avoider of walls of text that make our readers’ eyes hurt.
  • The self-motivation to research our product. Fortunately, we’re a bit cooler than the average company: we make a high-tech, super-fun, Pokemon-style math game used in thousands of schools around the world. Learn about it! You'll need to know how (and when) to embed thoughtful and valuable references to our product within your blog post.
  • Punctuality. We’re turning the Prodigy blog into a well-oiled and consistent content machine. That means we’re looking for writers who will reliably respect deadlines. We’ll be relying on you to keep our content strategy moving forward, so hitting due dates is a “must” -- not a “maybe”. Creating content is hard, but you’re such a pro that getting everything done on time is a breeze.
  • The ability to create detailed, long-form content. Take a gander at our blog page. No 300 word listicles or low-effort fluff pieces in sight. We strive to offer our monthly readers content of value -- a lot of value. When you write your post, you’re doing so in full confidence it’s going to be the web’s best blog on that topic. Our posts are frequently 2,000+ words in length, and packed with scientific research, links, images, data, quotes, and actionable tips that will actually make teachers’ lives easier.

You’ll have an edge with:

  • Experience, familiarity and/or comfort writing for school teachers or on topics related to the education industry, especially for math education and for teachers of grades 1-8.
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