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Editors Needed for a Startup Offering Services for Bloggers

Publishing Parrot Published: June 4, 2020
Work can be done remotely
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We’re looking for editors to join a startup helping content creators turn their existing content into bestselling books.

The job is for native English speakers from the US or Canada (preferably) or the UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand, if you have a solid grasp of American English. Please don’t apply unless you were born in one of these countries. We can only work with people who have both skills as well as cultural background.

Initially, you’ll be paid per project. In the long term, if you’re interested, this might develop into a full-time/part-time position. The job is 100% remote and flexible as long as you stick to deadlines.

About Us

Publishing Parrot turns existing content like blog posts into bestselling books. Our clients are content creators like bloggers who want to build new income streams and spread the message about their work through new formats and markets.

About the Role

You’ll receive a book that was created from repurposed blog posts. Your job will be to edit it so that it's easy to read, flows well, and is free of typos, unnecessary adverbs, difficult words (if there are easier alternatives), complex sentences, passive voice, etc. We aim to keep our books concise and simple.

As a secondary position, we might hire you for final proofreading (mainly to make sure there are no typos, grammar issues, double spaces, missing commas etc.), which is a less time-consuming task than the first type of editing.

In your application, offer your fee per 1000 words of both complex editing as well as final proofreading (you might be hired for one or the other).

You’ll work in Word or Google Docs. You need to have strong reading, writing and editing skills and be willing to learn new things.

The most promising candidates will receive a quick paid test job. The best ones will join our team and will be hired for future projects. In the initial stages you’ll report directly to the founder.

(checking if you read carefully: please start your application with the following sentence: “Parrots are cool animals.”)

We’ll communicate primarily via email and a project management tool.

Ideal Candidates

We’d like to grow Publishing Parrot into a fun company of creative people who enjoy helping content creators spread their message through different formats. This means that we’re looking for dedicated and reliable candidates who are passionate about reading and writing.

I, the founder, value my freedom A LOT—and I don’t want to steal yours. This is why the job is 100% remote and flexible. I don’t care when and where you work as long as you get the job done. Digital nomads or semi-nomadic candidates are more than welcome to apply.

VERY IMPORTANT: You need to be flexible when it comes to different topics and styles.

Since we’re working with a wide variety of clients, you might edit a Christian book (will you be comfortable editing it if you’re not religious?), a controversial self-help book (will you be comfortable editing it if you don’t agree with the author’s views?), etc.

If you aren’t comfortable working with content you might not necessarily agree with or believe in, please don’t apply. We’re looking for highly-adaptable professionals only.

Tips for applying online safely