Editor Needed to Help Guide a Knowledgable ‘How-To-Start-Blogging’ Community

Create Your Start Published: October 4, 2018
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Editor to Help Guide a Knowledgable ‘How-To-Start-Blogging’ Community

We are looking for an editor deeply passionate about blogging and helping others set up their blogs so they can get themselves out there!

If you’re interested in working with a team of writers who know about starting a successful blog and growing an audience online, and you yourself have editorial experience hiring and working with writers to create high-quality content - we want to hear from you.


Create Your Start is building the go-to resource on the web for starting a blog, making money blogging, and growing an audience online. We strongly believe talented, creative, independent people working together can make the world a better place!


Responsibilities for the Create Your Start Editor Role:

  • Hiring and working with writers to maintain a publishing rate of 4-5 articles /week
    • (Means maintaining a team of 4-10 good writers realistically)
  • Getting Writing Assignments Together & Assigning to Writers
    (Article topics will be provided to you, but you will need to load the Topic in a new WordPress Post and assign to a writer)

    • Possibly writing assignments will include a related Keywords List for writers to hit.
  • Once every couple weeks or once a month hire a Pinterest artist on Fiverr to produce 3-5 Images for all articles planned that month, then load images into WordPress.
  • Reviewing Submitted Articles & Providing Feedback
    • We use a Publishing checklist for all our articles. You will ultimately be responsible that articles meet formatting and quality standards on the checklist.
    • It will be your job to ensure articles are nice to read by actual humans (reads smoothly, makes sense, no superficial word stuffing [which writers are apt to do to meet word counts])
    • It will be your job to make sure articles are COMPLETE on the Topic Assigned and Accurate. (We have some tools to gauge topic completeness)
  • Publishing: It will be your job to publish articles that you deem ready, and to follow through on a short post-publishing checklist that includes:
    • Pinning article images to Tailwind using a chrome browser extension (this is quick to do)
    • Marking articles as Published in the Content Calendar / Pay Schedule
      (so that writers are properly paid for their published work)


  • Expert speaking, writing, and reading English fluency
  • Familiarity with readability scores such as Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease
  • Comfortable being in a fast-paced writing workflow with back-and-forth feedback for writers
  • Experience applying SEO best practices to web content
  • Experience writing affiliate product content
  • Excellent reliability at working a bit each day to keep on top of this fast environment



We are currently looking for an editor who will oversee the production of four to five 2,500 word articles per week. I expect this will be a 5-8 hour a week commitment and may grow as needed.

To Apply

To apply please email [email protected] and include:

Three samples of your own best published written content for review (the more relevant the better), a paragraph on what 'quality writing' means to you, a paragraph about why responsiveness and 'keeping on top of it' are important in the editor role, a bit about your editorial or writing experience, and your preferred rate/hour.

Applicants who do not follow these instructions will not be considered.

Tips for applying online safely