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Animalso Published: February 4, 2018
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I am Oleg, the founder of animalso.com. We treat Animalso as a complete resource guide for anyone who owns a dog or looking to buy, adopt or foster one. We focus on providing simple, actionable advice on such important topic as “Dog Ownership.” Our goal is to ensure our readers follow through with our guidance and get decent results in keeping their dog both healthy and happy.

And we are doing pretty well – we hit 300 000 monthly visitors milestone in just 18 months from starting. This means, 10 000 dog lovers read our blog every single day! And we are aiming to hit 1M visitors per month by the end of this year.

To achieve that, we're looking to hire Editor who can handle ~20 posts (~1800-2000 words each on average) to be published on our blog each month.

Please note that we have very high editorial standards compared to most other blogs. Every post that we publish goes through our strict editorial process where we check all claims and ideas for accuracy as well as the consistency of thoughts.

By all means, check out our latest blog posts to get a feel for the sort of quality we are looking for.

You'll be assigned topics by myself and given a submission deadline. It's quite likely that in the first couple of weeks there will be a lot of feedback and editing required, but generally, once an Editor gets into the swing of things, that part should be minimal.

==What you’ll do:==

1) Hire/fire/manage writers

2) Deep topic research: article outline creation (headings/subheadings/subtopics)

3) Assigning topics to writers

4) Edit and proofread drafts

5) Format and publish final post on WordPress


==What You’ll Need:==

1) Excellent 3-5 years English writing experience, editing and proofreading long-form blog posts (1600 words+)

2) Good experience if hiring and managing team of writers (3x+)

3) Be able to produce the following types of posts: Dog breeds reviews; Dog Training guides and tips; Amazon products reviews

4) You should be Native English speaker (US, UK, AU) with ability to write in American English

5) You should treat this as a consistent job and have all necessary things for productive work: equipped workspace, internet connection, etc. No travelers or persons with weak immune system, please :)

6) You should be available via email or skype chat from Monday to Friday

7) Basic knowledge of SEO: what makes content rank high in Google. Know these terms and how they affect blog post rankings: keyword density; meta title; meta description; outbound links; interlinking; anchor text; long tail keywords; alt tag; natural language vs. keyword stuffing

8) Basic knowledge of HTML
Mostly you will work with WYSIWYG editors (Thrive Architect or native WordPress Editor), however, sometimes you will need to fix something manually. So you should know and don’t afraid of such things like <p>, <br>, <div>, <a href=””>, <img src=””> etc.

9) Google Docs/Sheets usage experience

10) Be tolerant to my intermediate level of English, which sometimes can make communication a little bit(!) harder


Our budget is around $2000 per month for 20 x 1800-2000 word posts or fewer articles with more word count (i.e., 15x2600 words posts, etc.).

That comes to around $0.05/word compensation.

And we really prefer to stick to “per word” or “per article” payment model, which is the most accurate for both sides. We’ll consider bids with “pay per hour” model, but the other two are more preferable.

In our experience, one above average writer can deliver 1x2000 words post in 3 days or 8x2000 words articles per week. So to get 20 posts, we’ll need about 3-4 writers.

You can write some articles yourself, and the rest outsource to writers hired by you or outsource 100% of posts to writers.

We’ve been achieving good results from writers at a 0.02-0.03/word rate (0.25 on average), so you are flexible to decide how much to pay to writer and how much to keep to yourself as an Editor.

The only thing we care is the quality of the final post and adherence to schedule.

I believe that depending on how efficiently you’ll be working, your income can be somewhere between $25 and $50 per hour (as Editor).

Don’t hesitate to bid if your rates are higher though; we’ll consider everyone.

==Your proposal==

In your proposal (please start it with "Bonjour" phrase), please provide:

1) Writing samples (pet/dog related and 1600+ words preferable). Either in PDF/Docx format or URLs of articles published on other sites.

2) Editing work samples. Good if you have “before” and “after” drafts.

3) Tell us about your experience working with other writers as Editor. Please provide here specific websites, numbers, and goals you could achieve there. Describe your experience in hiring writers too. How and where you do that, how you test them etc.

4) Passed grammar tests, if there are any

5) Your rates and preferable way to get paid.

6) What is your current availability and plans for the next 11 months?

7) Your age and location

8) Answer the question “Why do you think you are a good fit for this position?” (Hint: your answer should be relevant to the “What You’ll Need” section)

9) Answer the question “Why do you want to work with us?” (The answer should differ from the previous one. Give us a real reason, even if the only thing here is “money” J )

10) Your questions if you have any

Thanks and good luck!

P.S. Be ready to take a paid test job

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