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Conservative Institute, LLC Published: January 21, 2019
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Description is looking for tech editors who can prep our articles for publishing with a high degree of reliability and accuracy.

This is an entry-level position -- tech editors who prove themselves often promote to content editors and other senior roles within the company.


Must be highly available and flexible:

  1. We have needs for weekends and weekday editors.
  2. This isn't a typical 8 hour a day job -- it's actually an hour or two of actual work spread out throughout the day. When a story is ready for editing, you'll be the first person in a chain of editors to look at it, so speed and availability in processing it is key -- it's not something that can be put off till later. However, the actual work involved isn't strenuous and is relatively easy to complete very quickly off a checklist. This makes it an ideal side gig for someone who is online and available all day, but may be working on other flexible projects at the same time.

Must be conscientious and accuracy focused:

  1. The job isn't hard, but it is critical that you are highly reliable. One mistagging of an article can lead to a significant loss of revenue. The good news is that the tagging system is simple, and your work will be checked by a senior editor, especially at the start. However, once you're fully trained, if the senior editors can't rely on you to always get it right, its almost easier for them to do it themselves.
  2. If you're detail-oriented, and laser-focused on proper formatting and citation, you'll do well.

Must be conservative:

  1. We have a wide variety of conservative viewpoints represented, from libertarian to populist, but you have to be able to claim the title conservative.

Preferred characteristics:

Experience in a detail oriented job: bookkeeper, editor, data entry etc.

Familiarity with Slack, WordPress, Trello, Excel and other common platforms

Good writer; this isn't a writing job, but a good grasp of writing and grammar qualifies you for other positions in the company.

Interest in news and politics

What We’ll Pay

During the trial period, Tech Editors are paid $60 per day on weekends, and $40 per day on weekdays. After the trial period, pay is $75 per day on weekends and $50 on weekdays.


Shoot us an email with a writing sample and resume at [email protected] and let’s get started!

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