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Earn Up to $300 Per Post – Personal Finance Blogger Wanted

Learn Financial Strategy Published: October 2, 2019
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Personal finance blogging is a vital niche that helps countless people learn how to navigate life’s big financial decisions in order to find a more fulfilling, financially independent life.

I’m looking to hire a personal-finance writer AND researcher who can write long-form personal finance articles with an emphasis on extremely high-quality sourcing.

The compensation will be $100 for research projects and 100-300+ per research blog post (at 10 cents per word, with 1,000 word minimums).

This isn’t just a shallow blogging job - this is a much more research oriented blogging position that will require hours of research and a very, very strong familiarity with personal finance and investing topics.

Note: At first, we won't need more than 1 article per week, but we can increase this if the position works out for the blogger.

Here are some examples of long-form (think: 3,000+ word articles) I’m looking to have written:

Why a 4% Withdrawal Rate is Probably Too Optimistic

The article would reference the basics of how bonds aren’t yielding very much and stocks could be set to have a slow decade, leading to 4% being substantially too optimistic. To fix the problem, investors should mix real estate and alternatives into their portfolio, and should assume a 3% withdrawal rate to be safe.

To back up each point, the writer will need to use sources from colleges, think tanks, and professional organizations.

20+ Reasons Why You Should Only Use Index Funds

This article will be a “research listicle” that will try to list as many studies as possible to show that investors who try to pick individual stocks and/or time the market doesn't get nearly the risk-adjusted return they would receive if they would just invest in index funds instead.

50+ Best Jobs That Only Require an Associate Degree

This will be a research listicle, where the goal is to list jobs that require an associate’s degree, what the average pay is, and how to get started on each career path. Only 1-2 paragraphs will be needed for each job on the list.

100+ Businesses You Can Start With Little Money

This will be a research listicle, where the goal is to list 100+ common businesses that don’t require a lot of capital to get started. Bookkeeping, lawn services, cleaning services, tutoring, freelance anything, etc. Only 1-2 paragraphs will be needed for each business on the list.

How to Make $100k+ as a [Fill in the Blank]

This will be a research-heavy article series on how to make $100k or more per year as a plumber, an electrician, a programmer, a nurse, etc. The goal is to link to statistics, studies, and in-depth tutorials to help people see that they can become one of the top 10% of earners in their career category if they follow our analysis.

Real Estate Research

I’ll be writing articles on real estate and would like to find someone who could do the research to find the studies for different points, like the historical returns of commercial real estate, the historical returns of single-family housing rentals, the historic correlation of direct real estate with stocks, etc.

Bonds Research

I’ll be writing articles on bonds and would like to find someone who can do the research to find the historic returns of Treasury Bills, the historic returns of long-term corporate debt, the correlation with stocks, how well long-term bonds have done in zero-interest environments, etc.



  1. Email your resume and a financial writing sample to [email protected].
  2. Use the phrase "Clipper Ship" in the subject line - this is a test. If you don't use it, you won't get the job.
  3. Write a 1 paragraph explanation as to why you're the best candidate for this financial research blogging position.
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