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Superfoodliving Published: December 24, 2014
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Description is looking for a diet, nutrition, health, home remedies & food based supplements blogger.
The ability to create posts around recipes with pictures would be good, but not required.

Experience with superfoods would be nice to have.

The ideal candidate will also be familiar with creating titles that get clicks. This means - Buzzfeed or Upworthy type titles like these -

\"Strange vegetables that increase testosterone\"

\"This Is Where Fat Goes When You Lose Weight - Spoiler alert: It doesn’t turn into muscle.\"

\"My Superfood Obsessions - mmmmmm this tastes so good AND its healthy win win situation!\"

\"23 Secrets Vegetarians Won’t Tell You\"

We are looking for someone who can provide 1-3 posts per week.
Payment is flat fee per article and can vary by topic/word count. Each article would need to be 1000-3000 words long and we pay 3-5 cent per word.

You can live any where to work for us, as long as you have an internet connection.

Payment made via Paypal, monthly or per post, following rates/post will be applied.

All authors will have an author bio, and popular authors will be featured on our home page, and articles will be included in our newsletter.

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