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Authority Published: August 5, 2017
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Mid-sized Business


Note: only apply if you're an above-average writer and can pay attention to details. Strong English skills.

Note: this project has a deadline of mid-August so ideally this would be better suited for a content team, not just one individual

Project will involve 10 dental sites (20 pages each) so 200 articles total - project will pay $4,000.

Going forward, we have more locations and we will pick out the best writers moving forward.

Basic knowledge of dentistry is helpful, but not a requirement. Regardless, the articles will need to have substantial internal and external linking (research backing).

Articles will include topics such as visilign, wisdom teeth, teeth whitening, etc

Project will involve using a Weebly editor and person must 1) follow instructions to our formatting and style guide.

Reviews will need to be researched backed and there will be a specific way of writing them. Very, very specific.

Ideally, I'd like a few people involved for the sake of content variety (its hard to write the same topic 10x and not keep things different and informative at the same time).

Each article will need to be at least 800 words and will pay $20 each, and will need to include formatting and internal linking to other pages on the website.

I'd like this project done before August 12, so most likely this will have to be done by a content TEAM, not an individual.

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