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Dance Network Published: July 31, 2016
Nashville, TN
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Dance Network seeks an experienced writer to join our content team on a part time basis. We are looking for someone to produce unique and compelling blog posts that focus on current dancer, choreography, and trending dance lifestyle topics. The candidate’s primary job will be to blog at
Our ideal coworker:
• Has experience as a freelancer or active blogger.
• Interest in dance and related topics.
• Personal experience with web publishing, content management systems and blogging are preferred.
• Active consumer of online dancer/choreographer news and views.
• A professional or academic record reflecting a love of language and editorial achievement.
• Very strong organizational, editorial and communication skills.
• A strong editorial understanding of web publishing and blogging protocols.
• Creative flair and willingness to experiment; flexibility. We want to hear YOUR voice.
• Patience with others joined with the ability to get things done collectively in a startup environment.

Typical assignments are $40 dollars per posting @ a minimum of 4 postings a week. You can expect to earn approximately $20 dollars per hour for any assignments that surpass the \"standard\" blog entry time frame.
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