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Proto Partners Published: September 13, 2017
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Hi There,

We're looking for a writer. One thats really really fact a Rockstar :-)

This rockstar writer should be:

  • An internet Native: you have to know how to get your way around the web and seek out all manner of articles and ideas. We'll teach you the technical customer experience stuff. We don't provide Internet research lessons!
  • Customer and Marketing-Obsessed: you read all about Customers, Customer Service, Design, Digital Innovation, etc. The people we write for want to know how to act like Apple, yep, we know thats a stretch, but even if they get 25% of the way they will be in good shape.
  • Comfortable Writing a lot: average content is 1-1.4k total words. Each typically takes ~3 hours. Most of that is research and prep. You love learning new things and you also want things to be better. You have to derive some weird pleasure out of helping other people make your life better….you also have to believe in Karma.

Personality and emotion is key. We write about people, and people are riddled with emotions. They are also irrational, but thats another story (maybe you could write about it). We go out of our way to make things interesting and great storytelling is a must!

This position is virtual and we're ideally looking for a person who can grow with us and be an important part of our team.

We don't care where you are, on a beach, a kibbutz, or in the desert, as long as you have access to the internet and you are passionate about writing about design, customers and making any service experience better (or if you can fake that stuff, all power to you).

We are based in Australia and we need native US English speakers only, please (US, UK and AU), because formality is not our strong suit. - Minimum of 2-3 larger articles monthly and then 3-4 smaller ones for social.

I hope this sounds interesting. At least, not like technical writing for some large pharma company that pumps out load of words no one reads, we want to be famous for our writing.

Questions? Shoot me anything you would like to ask to ensure this is a good fit for you.

Thanks and hope to talk soon,

- Ben

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