Creative Writers Wanted for Mystery, Romance and Science Fiction

TPH LLC Published: January 22, 2018
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Our publishing firm is looking to hire experienced freelance writers with a passion for writing fiction but the ability to step up to a greater challenge. The right candidate will want to work in a collaborative environment, advance to a management position within our company, and wants to take their unique abilities as a freelance writer and apply them to contemporary fiction marketplaces. Sensitive artistes, this job is more than just creating – it’s about growth.

Our company culture is one of constant improvement and our firm is constantly expanding, and we are looking for writers ready to work in a fast-paced environment.

Fiction writing is not a sustainable career choice for most interested in it. Being an indie author in the marketplace of today’s genres means a steep barrier to entry and an even more difficult set of challenges to compete.

If you’re hardworking and ready to learn on the job, we’d love to have you not only write for us, but become a team leader, and lead in the fiction genre in which you operate.

Our publishing houses are currently seeking writers to help produce novels in the following genres.

  • Contemporary Romance
  • Paranormal Romance
  • Cozy Mystery
  • Space Opera Science Fiction

If you don’t see your genre, feel free to drop your name into this webform and we’ll email you about openings in other genres.


You must have a stable internet connection, including the ability to communicate via Slack messaging and calls. This position is telecommute, and if we can’t contact you, we can’t work with you.

You must have at least a basic understanding of the genre expectations in which you expect to write. Even if you’re only a reader of the genre, or read this job ad and decide to check out a genre, we need you to be able to learn what is marketable and work with provided plots, characterization, and world building elements to produce something that will entertain readers. Note that our collaborative environment encourages brainstorming!

You must be able to write in the tense, point of view, tone, voice, and branding style for the genre in which you write. If you’re an experienced ghostwriter, then likely you’ve had to adapt your voice to fit that of your clients. You’ll need to do the same here. That also means that you’re willing to read and research the work within the marketplace and within the projects you’re working on.

You must be willing to revise to editorial order – if specifications for the brand, genre, or quality are not met, you need to be willing to get these elements up to speed. We’ll train you, help you, but ultimately it’s on you to complete quality work and to do so in a timely manner.

You must be prolific. For the first month of your engagement, you are expected to write at least 80,000 words in addition to attending to the training and development workshops (we offer these in-house) of your choice. Opportunities for advancement exist for those who are motivated, skilled, hardworking, and put forth the effort to write more or take on additional tasks within your team.

You must communicate your availability and the status of your work. We ask assign writers chapters on an a la carte basis from a provided story outlined that’s been fully plotted, and to meet editorial deadlines, we need to know that the time and capacity you anticipate is realistic, and that you can be counted on to provide quality on time and to communicate about changes in your schedule and availability.

Preference will given to those who wish to work with us in a full-time capacity.

To apply, continue to our assessment.

Thanks for applying – no emails, please.

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