Creative / Comedy Writer for Healthcare Startup

Kerros Health Published: June 19, 2014
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Define and build the Kerros voice and brand. Help us tell our personal stories with mental health and inspire others to do the same. Catalyze an online grassroots campaign to rebrand mental health.
It's time to create a new language around mental health. It's hard to believe that the word 'health' has such positive connotations in our society while 'mental health' remains deeply stigmatized. We need to start over with a new brand for mental health for our generation -- one that is unafraid to challenge the status quo and directly confront the social stigma.

We aspire to create a brand and voice that is viewed as a thought leader at the intersection of scientifically-rooted mental health, technology, and design. Yet, unlike existing content, which is often sterile and medical or dumbed down and misleading, we will represent a strong public voice that brings transparency, scientific rigor, and personality to the mental health space.

We'll clearly need to be tactful in our use of humor given the seriousness of the topic, but we shouldn't be afraid to take creative and comedic risks. In fact, many therapists employ humor to help patients relate to the (often dry and dull) educational material and laugh at themselves and their highly critical and unrealistic internal dialogues and behaviors (which we can all relate to).

Below are a few examples of colorful brands we like:
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