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Create Youtube Scripts For Youtube Videos

Digital Wealth LLC Published: January 3, 2022
21935 N 97TH DR Peoria Arizona 85383, Arizona
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I have a YouTube channel with about 300,000 subscribers. Im looking to post a lot more content this year and need someone to help me script videos.

my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ59iKBmGRfQlnl73sOX0Lw

So there are three kinds of content that I’m looking to post on YouTube.

1.) I interview somebody and it’s a rags to riches story (How he made blank amount of money in blank amount of time doing blank)

2.) find other people stories and report/react to them (old or new)

  • find 10 sources where you can get stories
    Instagram pages, YouTube channels, Twitter pages, websites and articles

3.) find current event new/stories and react to them


The theme of stories on my YouTube channel is rag to riches, basically most of my videos are either my own stories or stories of my friends of how they made money or did something successfully.

Keeping that theme, I’m going to try to make more content but I’m going to need other stories.

The stories can include anything of that nature. For example, Massive Wall Street bets, companies being sold, how a 9 year old sold a NFT collection, how this person did this and made this much money.

So I’m looking for somebody that can research these stories, past and present, and create a script that I can follow along to and then react to candidly while I’m filming the video.


Based on the past videos they have done really well on my channel, I’m going to create a template script to follow along. For example the first two sentences have to be blank, then we need emotion, then we need a wow factor. Ect.


So this position is more than just a script writing position, it’s a research position as well.

You will need to be able to help me with the scripts that I make and eventually make them completely on your own, which then will be reviewed and finalized by me.

Thank you!


Sebastian Ghiorghiu

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