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Create Blog Content for a Website about Restaurants/Food Locations, Popular Stores, Events & Local Services

Creative Online Writing (parent company) Published: July 8, 2020
Work can be done remotely
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Small Business


Hi there, I'm hoping to find an individual that is capable of delivering high-quality blog content.

We'll be providing general information that revolves around the following:
- restaurant chains
- fast food joints
- retail stores
- service providers
- events
- activities
- and pretty much anywhere/anything that people commonly visit.

I'll be providing the keywords to focus on, as well as competitor websites/pages that we're trying to improve upon.

This is one competitor (https://www.nearmefy.com/breakfast-buffet-near-me/) for you to get an idea of the direction.


Please let me know how much you charge per word (and if you have any discounts on bulk volume).  For now, I'm only able to hire someone at a price less than .04/word, so please don't bid if you charge more than that.  I wish I could afford more but I'm still trying to figure out how to effectively monetize a blog such as this.

It's also important that you include recent samples or links to anything you've recently published online.

Thank you!

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