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Mobile Marketing Watch Published: January 18, 2008
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The Mobile Marketing Watch blog is expanding. Currently, MMW covers a variety of topics in the mobile marketing space. I want to expand and begin to cover 2 additional areas.
- 1 US based Mobile Web Site Review Blogger - $500 Per Month (20 posts per Month) + Case study bonus.
- 1 US based Mobile Marketing Agency Blogger - $500 Per Month (20 posts per Month). + Case study bonus.

You don’t need to be a seasoned pro. If you can network, research, write and you love mobile then this is for you.

For either position you must meet the following requirements:
• You’ll need to be able to write right in English.
• My preference is that you publish the bulk of your posts between Monday and Friday.
• You’ll need to be able to jump right in so you must be somewhat familiar with the mobile web. Ideally, you have a smart phone and you’re already using the mobile web.
• Posts need to be your original work, not rehashes of other bloggers posts.
• My policy is to not sell or embed affiliate marketing links; you’ll need to honor these rules with posts that you create.
• MMW is G to PG rated and I don’t allow discussion regarding sexuality, religion, hate, politics and vulgarities to appear in posts or comments.
• You should have basic image editing skills using photoshop or some type of image editor.
• MMW runs on the latest version of WP. You’ll need to demonstrate the ability to learn or have knowledge of WordPress.
• I’m looking for quality not quantity. To that end, your posts should be a minimum of 250 words.

Regarding the Mobile Web Site Review blogger, you’ll be expected to cover new mobile web site launches, upgrades to existing mobile web sites, outages, features, usability/user experience, comparisons to other mobile sites and occasional email interviews.

With respect to the Mobile Marketing Agency blogger, you’ll be expected to cover these organizations, their offers including pricing, compare them with other agencies, network and break stories regarding funding, new features and campaigns for clients that they’re representing.

In either position, if you can develop Case Study documents of at least 10 pages (PDF normal sized fonts) on something specific to your subject matter I’ll add a $100 bonus for the document. Case Study topics need to be approved in advance (up to 2 per Month accepted per blogger).

Payment will be released on the first and fifteenth of each Month via PayPal or Company Check. You’ll be paid as an Independent Contractor and you’ll be responsible for your own taxes and should expect to receive a 1099 Tax Form for work that you were paid for.
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