Corporate Blogger Published: March 10, 2009
Seattle, WA
Job Type

Description is seeking an experienced blogger for various corporate blog duties which may include, but are not limited to...
- Original post content creation
- Maintain posting schedules
- Multi-blog management
- Company blog promotion
- Social media strategy
- General blogging strategy
- Engaging others in discussion

An ideal candidate for this position should posses all, or nearly all, of the following blogging skills...

- WordPress platform and general blog experience
- Familiarity with blog technology and lingo
- Professional writing or publishing experience
- Use of proper grammar, spelling and formats
- Knowledge of feeds and/or email subscriptions
- Basic knowledge surrounding our industry
- Ability to write about technical topics clearly
- Content moderation and commenting functions
- Passion for writing, learning and teaching

Applicants should have knowledge about our industry including topics such as ecommerce, software, technology, business, design, development, search, seo, local, mobile, social media, blogging and any related fields.

We are ideally looking for a \"local\" person, capable of checking in at our physical office location, however we are open to trying out remote blogging (as long as the minimum requirements have been met).

Rate of pay depends on overall experience and whether application minimums have been met. Full and part time positions are available. We are ideally looking for a full-time blogger.

Check out our current corporate blog to get an idea of what we're looking for:
Tips for applying online safely

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