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Cord-cutting Website Seeks Talented Writers

KillTheCableBill.com Published: May 27, 2021
Work can be done remotely
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We are currently searching for writers for our streaming television reviews website - KilltheCableBill.com We are looking for talented writers who love hard work as much as they love deadlines.

KilltheCableBill.com is one of the oldest cord cutting resources on the web. Since 2011, KTCB has helped consumers break the chains of their cable TV contracts by cutting the cord.

Of course, a lot has changed since the site began in 2011. Over the years, KTCB has become the go-to destination for cord cutting tutorials, streaming reviews, and industry news. If it has to do with watching video content without a cable contract, you’ll likely find it here.

Who We’re Looking for

Candidates should have experience writing in-depth reviews and well-researched articles. Experience with streaming services (FuboTV, Hulu), streaming sports (eg:- how do you stream the super bowl?) and an understanding of US Television is ideal.

We most definitely aren’t looking for clones. But everyone on our team shares a handful of attributes:

For the writer roles:-

  • Native English speaker
  • Exceptional writing skills (US English. You can be based anywhere)
  • Strong research skills

For every role:-

  • Good communicator (remote work is otherwise impossible)
  • Able to follow a set way of working (eg, how to invoice)
  • Happy working solo (ie, without micromanaging or nagging)
  • Well organized (ie, deadlines get met, without excuses or exceptions)
  • Rock steady reliable – your word is your bond
  • Basic WordPress skills
  • Introverts will thrive in our team (we have the odd extrovert too)

Key Requirements

We are looking for skilled writers that:-

  • Deliver quality content to deadline
  • Obsess about accuracy & quality
  • Understand the importance of following a brief
  • Consider sloppiness on facts & accuracy a cardinal sin
  • Wish to learn & grow as writers beyond their current abilities
  • Will work our way – it will differ from your past experience

We have a zero tolerance policy on broken promises, flakey behavior or disappearing acts. If anybody has used these words to describe you during adulthood, you are not a good fit for our team.

Pay & Workload

TLDR: We pay well/fast, and presently have as much work as you can handle

Rates vary in line with your commitment. We believe (based on public salary data), that we pay better than 90% of comparable writing gigs. Writers get paid monthly in US dollars (by wire transfer).

We are looking for writers available for a minimum of 5000 words/week, due to the overhead of managing a big team.

There are no set hours, and you can work when you choose in any time zone and in any location – provided you meet deadlines.

Did we mention how important delivering to deadline is…?

How We Work

You’ll be working as part of our remote team alongside team members in dozens of countries worldwide.

Over the last decade working remotely, we’ve developed unique processes, systems and ways of working that help us get things done (both on time and of the quality we expect of ourselves).

We use a few popular tools you may have used before:-

  • Slack, for teamwork & day-to-day chat
  • Google Docs/Google Sheets for collaborate documents
  • WordPress to power many of our sites

We don’t micro-manage; you will be expected to meet deadlines without exception, and without us hassling you.

When we commission projects, we’ll provide a writing brief, plus due dates and required minimum length. 

Sound like a good fit? 

We’d love to hear from you!  Apply here.

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