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RoamX Published: August 14, 2019
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RoamX lets you travel the world and gain valuable work experience without spending a dime.

We’re hosting a remote Copywriting internship program in Thailand and Bali from either:

  • October 15th to December 15th, 2019 (2-month co-op placement)
  • January 5th to May 3rd, 2020 (4-month co-op placement)

You’ll intern with silicon valley startups and agencies where you’ll do real client work.

  • This will be 30-40 hours a week of client work (copywriting, blog writing, article writing, keyword research)
  • You’ll be tackling real-world projects
  • Work day-to-day with the company you’re interning for
  • RoamX will provide guidance and coaching to help you succeed in the placement

You’ll also participate in educational sessions and coursework to supplement your internship experience.

  • 5 hours a week of education/coursework (content marketing, SEO, automation, basic programming)
  • Learn from industry veterans
  • Course material will be designed to supplement your internship placement

The rest of the time is yours to explore. RoamX will organize activities and weekend trips for your cohort so that it’s not just all work and no play!

All your flights and accommodation will be paid for, and a USD$500 / mo stipend is provided for daily living expenses while participating in the fellowship.

There’s no catch. Gain real work experience. Learn from industry veterans. Explore new places. Make new friends.

Learn more about us here: https://roamx.co and about the Copywriting Fellowship here: https://roamx.co/copywriting.html

Job responsibilities:

A RoamX copywriting internship will provide you with knowledge and practical experience to become a Content Marketer.

This means you’ll be gaining practical experience on how to develop various forms of content (content pieces, Blogs, Social Media Posts, Product Reviews, etc.) and learning the fundamentals of Content Marketing such as SEO.

You can expect to be writing between 12 to 15 content pieces per week. This would translate to roughly 3,000 words per day five days per week, and can vary between authoring long-form content pieces to shorter blog posts or social media copy.

This may sound like a lot but it isn’t. The average 1,000-word content piece should not take more than 2 hours to complete end-to-end for an average writer with limited experience.

Most content piece writing tasks will involve: 

- Understanding the content brief which outlines what the client is looking to have written up. This content brief will have the topic to be written about, any specific points to cover in the piece, any research links to use, length of the content piece, etc.

- Carrying out the necessary research on the public domain to write up the content piece (in other words Google).

- Incorporating SEO best practices if needed such as including specific keywords in the content piece or images.

- Running the content piece through a grammar checker and giving it a proof-read to ensure it’s error-free and ready for submission to the client

This entire process for an average 1500 word length should take 1 - 2 hours depending on the difficulty of the brief.

Required skills:

- You must be at least 18 years old
- Proficient in oral and written English
- Previous personal or professional content marketing experience is a plus such as an existing portfolio of written content
- You must not have any serious medical conditions that would make travel dangerous for you
- You must have valid travel authorization to visit the countries listed in the Copywriting RoamX program or have the ability to secure travel authorization to these places.

Transportation, Housing, Compensation:

Your flights to and from where you're based as well as inter-city flights between Thailand and Indonesia are covered by RoamX

Your accommodation costs during the fellowship program are also covered by RoamX

You'll also be provided with a stipend/per diem of USD$500/mo while participating in the internship for daily living expenses.

Please apply here to express interest in the internship program: https://roamx.typeform.com/to/m3rIVo

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