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iDalko Published: January 11, 2019
Antwerp, Belgium
Work can be done remotely
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Idalko is looking for a freelance copywriter with knowledge of project management and agile methodologies.
We already have written one piece called "The Project Management Blueprint for Agile Collaboration Between Teams" and we're looking to expand on the following topics discussed in the blueprint, which are:
  • How long is a sprint
  • Getting to agile collaboration
  • End to end tracking with Confluence, Jira and Bitbucket
  • Promotion Levels
  • Involve your customer frequently
  • Product backlog grooming strategies
  • The boundaries of an API
  • Discipline with room to experiment

Each post will surround agile collaboration for product development teams in tech. The wording count will be around 800 - 2.000 words. We will start with 1 blog post, but if collaboration goes well, we are looking for 8 blog posts.

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